Wednesday, May 31, 2006

dreamt again.

today was slack for me. im still kinda suffering from the flu bug and i dun want to overstrain before the new coach comes with his programme.

felt pretty tired. and sick at the same time. took a pretty long nap and im still feeling sick. i hate flu. :(

dreamt about something just now.i've come to realise the nat team has become my extended family of some sort where im currently the youngest or second youngest if u count james...

the junior men have really taken good care of me the past 6-7 months now. and to the seniors, though i dun exactly talk much...you people do make the place feel more homely too.

i had this dream, where all of you people just suddenly told me your are leaving. everyone. leaving for some place i couldn't go. leaving for good.

though it was a dream. i was really sad& stunned. how do i describe this...
the only way i can put it is like those shows where the village kid gets left behind. the main thing is that i wasnt going and everyone was. and i wont see them again ever.

sounds dam kiddy...

it felt like my family just left for some reason. shows how close i am to you guys after this short 6-7 months.
In a month's time...i probably wont be seeing most of your anymore...A levels...what to do...
wonder if i will keep rowing. you guys are the ones that make me want to move faster. I dun want to fight on my own all the time.......


i repeat.... sounds dam kiddy....


we should take a photo one of these days for memory sake.

i want to be able to say i've been there.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

falling sick

new coach coming tmr. hope he dun kill us with his programme.

think im falling sick from running in the rain from the bus stop yesterday.

urgh feel horrible...

i keep doing stupid things...

Monday, May 29, 2006

slacking again,,,

fats, yi and jit wants to go canoe for fun at mac then go movie marathon. but somehow we cant set a day cos people are always busy...
how come they more busy than me??? somehow when it comes to the hols. im the most slack of all.

maybe sports cca is like that.busy-ness is proportionate to amount of time spent in school. hahaha. music cca and uyo all got their camps during the holidays but canoe will hardly have camps lah. with our funding...

every holiday some thing.

did i mention common test in term3 wk1?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

rainy sunday

Sunday sunday...
sunny sunday to rainy sunday.
warm sunday to cold sunday.

no one came for training. except some 2 others.
im inexperienced at the front. but i have to learn to become versatile.to succeed despite the problems.

rain rain rain... played c1. kept going in circles.

big circles,small circles all in the clockwise direction. something new and fun. capped when i didnt know how to go back to launching point.

sat at the bus stop and took the long ride home. sat at the other bus stop outside my house cos i didnt bring my umbrella. stupid me.

slacked away the rest of the day.

lets see if i can put some pics of 2004 season.
final season at kallang...

Saturday, May 27, 2006


cool day. very interesting and eventful.
started out with training and yanbo and me screwing around in the k2. yanbo you are unfit! hahahaha. so fast toufu ready!!!

had 1 good set only. not too bad actually.then k2 with sam and realised im unfit too XD. after whacking with sam then died from fatigue.

OH YAH i found out who is that "monica" person. Its JORI and RYAN lah!!! those 2 ben-dans(ahem...jk) ~cough~
kena jacked by them. actually i suspected ready lah hahaha...

after that went to eat at j8 and went to jori's place to rest awhile be4 going to study at the esplanade. studied for 2 hrs and got dam sianz then walked home from there since i live in kallang area anyway...

walking home i took the route that i used to run with acs during our 2004 season. we used to run every training all the way to the esplanade. then i started to recall everything i did with accanoeing that year. cherished
memories that i will never forget.

memories. something cherished.unforgetable.be it happy, sad,filled with suffering,pain,glory,joy,fun,sian.sunny,rainy,windy. things i will never forget.

i was rowing with jun yi k2.

kallang river. i miss rowing there already. trainings that started at 630 am when its totally dark. running to esplanade, around the dragonboat building. i remember fallling and getting a bloody leg once. losing the wing nut and finding it in the sand where i dropped it totally by luck.

zhiwei and his millions of push ups after training. pekhong and vasin siaokias...rowing with bose k2 and getting double fourth. john and jit beating me in my c div race...sir scolding me pushups more pushups and even more pushups...

saw people i will never forget for the rest of my life.

kallang lagoon filled with all the schools' college people drills with marine police going by. capping. dragonboating. rowing in longkau. rowing under the bridge all the way to lavender area. drills. sprints. distance.

great company with the ac team.

races at sdba. ive got so many great pics of the races. the good the bad the in between.training under lightning when sir went to america.
these were the years that built up my character, my determination and the awakening of my passion for canoe.

teammates that made a difference

junyi and khairul- their undying will power
yanbo- having fun
sam- cant stop whacking
john- leadership
bose- unchanging weirdness in a good way, and opportunistic attitude
choo- unshakable ego & confidence
pek hong-determination
feng- running like siao

and many many more. which i m too lazy to type out.

Friday, May 26, 2006

apollo 70

finally schools come to a close. i have to say i have been looking forward to this day for weeks now.

went for training only to discover our apollo 70 just arrive. first time i unwrap a nice boat. virgin boat. brand new and waiting to be used...i got a few pics of it but its in my phone.

white was sulking today. haha. could get her to move as well as i wanted. my fault entirely. still suffering from yesterday's gym work.

i feel like im dam sick rite now. strained myself quite abit today. samuel still dam fast though he's been sick. i still got a long way to go before i can catch up with the original ASTs.

an interesting incident happened during lunch too...that makes 1 out of the 4 of us down with another praying dam hard something good happens and one doing his utmost best. leaving me still underachieving.
i'll take my time slowly...

still feeling like crap.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

i learnt something today.

im very weak mentally.

Today was horrible at school. was real cranky today. didnt eat all the way till 4pm. doing thats maths crap in class the whole day. thanks to yi chen for his assistance when i snapped. somehow he made me piah just that bit more. friends truly are important. like the pastor said a few years back. no man is an island.

choo sent me a pic of white. My favourite k1. all lonely in the shed 630am on a saturday morning.

to think once my boat arrives i wont be using it much anymore. its a great boat and i hope my juniors will keep it in good shape and hopefully win many more medals with it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

crunch time

Last 2 days of school and its still super stressing. everything is due now and they take a friggin long time to do...

Kayaking has been great the past week. im kicking into top gear soon. transition is going smoothly.

Back to that maths investigation crap...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

a day that opened my eyes...

The past 2 days really opened my eyes. The world really is a real harsh place and i have to say i really cant change anything.

nic chee started balancing on the barrier between the boarding school and the car park. Wrong move. a few moments later he fell and broke his ankle. bloody scene.

learnt about a badmouthing incident. i shalt say anything more.

Why cant people think more before they act?
I will stick to my morals and live my life the way it has always been.

Monday, May 22, 2006

monday again

Tmr is the polling day holiday for ac! I can wake up late for once! Thank goodness its on the long day also muwahaha...miss all the lessons. haha. like we got much to do anyway.

Most of us in holiday mood ready anyway. Now that i've given pwee his bday present lets recount the events that lead to that ultimate random present of the year!

  • trained on saturday morning.
  • went to eat with shiyun, jori and yanbo @ j8
  • paid the cab fare -.- (but got it back later)
  • called fats but couldnt get him
  • took train home and decided to slack till fats called me to tell me the place and all to meet him.
  • 5 mins on my sofa and fats calls.
  • leaves for city hall
  • walks around peninsular to look for tims bass guitar
  • tims is disappointed
  • walk to suntec to find pwee present, no luck
  • go off track and want to watch da vinci code
  • get back on track and move on to marina
  • No luck. go off track again and try buying movie tickets. just missed the last few seats for 530 show.
  • back on track but still no luck.
  • go to giant to get a drink and tims comes up with a brilliant idea.

Let's get pwee a random present fill with whatever we can find.

  • walked around and gathered as much random stuff we could.
  • amount costs quite a bit :) ( pwee we're not cheap ok..siao lota effort)
  • need to get the name tag for him.
  • travel all the way back to funan area to get that special "Paul" tag.

Da end...

super tiring. :)

but for pwee tired is nothing!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Today's testing went rather well. At least i know what i'm capable of.

Things to do today after a very busy yesterday:
  1. EL A1 commentary
  2. CIP reflections
  3. Econs portfolio
  4. Maths investigation
  5. Science project report+reflections
  6. Get my physics file in order
  7. slack

Looks like its gonna be a busy day...

1 more week to end of term!


Saturday, May 20, 2006


What is passion?

yanbo told me something that actually made him sound mature for once :P

jk lah.

he told me i have to be more laid back abit. enjoy rowing,enjoy training. speed comes to the passionate naturally. He brought me back to my roots, the foundation upon which i started training in the first place all those many years ago. Have fun basically when on the water.

Something so important that had slipped out of my mind since the start of the year. Time to lighten the atmoshpere and start afresh.

Back to basics!

Friday, May 19, 2006

new coach

Science presentation today went smooth...
Not too bad i guess...
Ran 3k and somehow i got so tired i could'nt row properly...think i caused someone to cap too...sorry...

Also learnt about the new coach. some bulgarian guy who's quite young. finally we're getting a coach to push us real hard. hopefully i can keep up with his standards.

i'm dreaming big. let's see how far i can go...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

thursday on wk 9

Its been a real rough week and im glad to say i survived with help from everyone. :) thanks!

monday was pretty ok. fatigued from being official for the whole day but still bearable. tuesday was horrible. did physics the whole night and didnt rest much.wednesday was real bad. spent my week's afternoon at macritchie sprinting away finally and my nights in my bedroom mugging my eyes out.

yet i predict lousy marks...

i wont talk abt the tests though. too hard lah. beyond comprehension.
tmr group 4 science project the whole day. hopefully i'll be awake enough to be of good use to my group members.

my art piece by mistake. took it on a bus somewhere in japan. i didnt mean for it to turn out this way but im grateful it did. looks fantastic! like abstract art :)

gonna cut my hair short. aiyah...shave lah...haha see how...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


i may not look it
i may not sound it
but...my body's nearing breaking point.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

women's champs

helped out at the women's canoe champs today. got an official's t-shirt finally!

saw some great fighting spirit though i think they still needa work on technique abit. Saw many people, some close fights. and learnt how to be lane marshall and timekeeper. btw congrats to the winners...good fight to the rest. there's always next time as long as u don't quit...

pretty meaningful day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

i died?

Someone told me that he dreamt i died.

I was climbing some obstacle course without safety equipment. and no mat below. then i got tired. and i let go. and fell to my death.

well that's the gist of it.

Might the world be a better place if i never existed or ceased to exist?
Coming from a relatively superstitious family due to the fact we are free-thinkers...i was told be4 that these kind of dreams shouldn't be told to the person that died in the dream. But ne-mind...im not superstitious.

This reminds me of this period in time where i keep dreaming of these kind of things. walking through halls with corpses with some guide i didn't even know etc. "dirty" things basically.

what really are dreams? they show one's deepest desires, thoughts, feelings, fears. well, thats wat i feel at least. But somehow i didnt feel scared surrounded by these strangers with weird things around me. the best i can describe it was like a "exhibition" with a guide showing you around the place. I remember what happened exactly. their faces. their expressions. the scene. and the corpses...-.-

god's trying to tell me something?

There's was this time i woke up from a dream, did everthing i wanted...then realised i was still in a dream. was super paranoid for the rest of the day. kept thinking about that dream of a dream.
scary. i didnt even realise. it was so real...

But theres the lighter side of dreams. happy ones. great ones which i will never forget as well.the human brain is complex. thats all i've to say.

planned to mug today. probably start soon.
many things happening this week. due dates,tests,and of course the usual trainings.

I wanted to scan my sec2 final year art piece too. but my scanner's dead. can find the power plug thing.darn. one of my better works...
havent drawn since then. what shall my next project be? Im gonna design a building if i have the time in june.buildings nowadays all blocky and squarish. ugly. take the new acs building for example. i hate it.uugly...
gotta learn to paint from my dad too. its a great skill to have. and i've seen his scottish friend's works which are fantastic.

I admire these people.

i remember my sis painted stuff on her face when we were young. hahahahaha...funny...

Friday, May 12, 2006

vesak day

Happy vesak day!

still had training though. saw bose chuhua and muthu! they came to train cos of dboat season. nice to see old faces again :)
didnt do much @ training actually...though i planned to...
Took the moskito with Capt. Lam haha. just last year we were racing together in SDBA invitationals. hopefully ncc we can fight for that 250m title haha. maybe we might row in the moskito too !
its uber dirty but it'll be fine after a nice wash. havent used it in years. brings back great memories...

had a long chat with my ex-ex-expartner last night. talked abt many things.interesting...I was as usual complaining abt school and all...
met with the lijiang people again yesterday during cas period. Yo people!!! nice to see your again. also found out their planning to go back in december to visit our new friends and interact with them more...
wonder if i have the time...and the money...

wonder if i should dboat with the ib 1 people. though my back aint feel so good recently. hurt it quite badly in sec2.havent dboat since then.
Sunday women's champs. and im actually gonna try to help out! get me some hours...and waste time at macritchie!!! :) and of course getting a shirt is my aim. maybe after that crash jun yi's house with some people and eat his homemade dinner hahaha...

i needa learn to cook from him...oneeee fine day...

Also kinda figured my mum's side is very traditional. they go temples and prayed today. my dad's side isnt. interesting how different people can still get together.

Ah yes. pic of me and tims guitarman. took me hard work,and alot of effort to get this ransomed picture. Found out something too. pwee might sing in the karaoke comp. on one condition...that i join him...on stage...infront of the acsi where i have never ever sung no crap in my life.And not only that. its chinese song somemore. I WILL die!if it happens...sure screw up one...haha...who knows...

tmr have to mass study if i wanna official the women's champs. crapz...

Thursday, May 11, 2006


After training something struck me. How good your boat is, it doesn't make you move any faster if u cant use it well. That was the basis that i was trained from the beginning in 2002 sec 1.

Once in awhile i hear people saying things i dont quite like.
"They got ak, of course win"

AK, Nelo,plastex,regata watever! if u dont fight for your spot you wont win. Even if i use a nelo now...i'll probably be trashed flat by 16,17 yr old hungarian girls smaller than me.

I miss training under Mr see alot actually. Its been 6 months now since i started training in a totally different team. different members,different coaches, different styles and programmes. Here they don't force you. you can quit anytime u want and thats whats happening.

Nobody gives me much advise on my technique now. But i've learnt to check myself somehow which is a good thing. Ultimately a coach can only do so much if u don't do your best. Havent been really pushed all out too. Im becoming too slack and i dont like that. I cant meet my timing aim for this month bleh....

Im also doing my best to retain my ac stroke,adding in improvements if i find any and keeping the good points.The one i've been practicing for 4 yrs now? Only got the hang of it in december 04. i will never forget the first time i beat jeremy choo hahahaha.....:p

my boat should look like this. anyway great pic of eirik larsen here. someday...im gonna race him if i can...(zq dreaming). trying to learn his technique. great rower with great fluidity and stroke. and he's not that big in size according to what i heard.
maybe.... who knows...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

nelo day

Waahhhhhh saw the chio-est k1 ever...

Nelo vanquish II

cant wait for mine to come now that i've seen the quality and shape...yet to try it...

mum's mango pudding :) x2

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Super cute doggy. It blinked when i took the photo ! kawaiiiiiiiii haha...

Maths killed me today :(
Here's funny stuff :)

Monday, May 08, 2006


many kazillion tests coming.

time to piah studies abit -.-

keep your spirits up people.

Term's ending!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

mug day

suppose to mug today...but super tired...

I'll try after my tok essay's done.

Sunday training quite hard today. Weights the ac style + 8k stroke correction. Talked awhile then slept most of the day and did some chinese.

Some piano in between

Oh yeah found a pic of my foot after the surgery thing during chinese new year. didn't row for a month +

bad memories.

Back to work :(

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hard day

Today was interesting...
Somehow i ended up training with hci. Their training programme actually very xiong. Tried green max too. It's a great boat. But i can feel significantly less glide in it compared to the ak. It's more responsive too but got used to it after awhile.

Learning aerosmith songs for piano too. Spent a while getting through 50% of "I don't wanna miss a thing" before i kinda got sleepy.

Lijiang (final)
Day 4 25/4
terrible night. got up cleaned up an date tissue box size buns x2 then we went on to learning activities. Khing went ahead with his intro and i somehow ended up helping him. Seemed fun to be in the front of the class We did intro and mapping games. I drew some weird merlion on the board to give the kids some idea what it looked like and we just came up with things along the way.Did this for a few classes.

Then the interaction witht the kids. first i was with kevin. Talking to them was difficult but i managed to learn something about them. their life,hobbies. No that effective as they were shy using english to converse but its alright.

Next was paired with yeon wei. he gave them english names to choose and that was interesting. he's good with kids. better than me...

Also visited the river where they fish and swim. skipped stoned awhile and returned for the soccer match with their teachers.

Good game by our people. paul,seah,lui,kevin,mandir & co. Tough match with many great chances. We fatigued alot faster due to the thin air.

we won 5-4 (they give chance)

Then it was dinner and their youth day concert. Brendan did something to "something" I MISSED IT!!!
was at the toilet while it happened...sad...
Watched khing perform his waterdance too.


Their performances were pretty ok. They needa new Pa system.

sleep better that night.

Day 5 26/4
Last day in school. washed up, ate one bun instead of two and packed my stuff. Said goodbye to the kids and gave them some gifts. The sent us off grandly. Lining up at the gate. tears.sad faces. its sad to leave...

went to tiger leaping gorge after that. nice place to do a 4.8 run instead of at macritchie where it does get boring. took funny signs and pictures too.
then went to the hotel after lunch.

Also went for dinner where david nose bleed again!!! funny incident happened then. When we asked for ice for his nose they gave a huge plastic bag of it. super funny.walked back to the hotel and had cip debrief where we reflected. turned in for the night.

Day6 27/4
Snow mountain day. nice place, cold. Rode the cablecar up with funny signs again... and played witht the snow. got hit in the face by T.Chiews snowball. cut my lip but i cant feel it anyway. so i'm alright:)

took pics ate and went to the meadow. David nose bleed AGAIN!!! didn't do much as i sat down with him. Khing and kevin had another sh!t adventure.funny. cable car ride down was cold and it was drizzling but beautiful to watch the scenery.

they bought us oxygen....for 30yuan....haha....its not that helpful.

also past a blue lake. so nice...i wanna row in it...

Went to the airport and flew to kunming for and met up with the kunming group again.

Day7 28/4

visited the flower market today where i got stuff for my mum an daunts. then visited the tea uni where i drank lotsa tea and bought tea for my dad.
Mass shopping after that at dong shi jie. It was rainy and cold. poor mandir...

So difficult to get a taxi to shuang long shi chang. people just rush into it be4 u can get there. but we somehow managed. bought shirts, cds there for people.

also had kfc. much cheaper and healthier. then went to a five star hotel to eat dinner. i tried alot of stuff. every single cake available. beef,chicken...mango pudding...mmhmmm...

flew back to singapore that night.

day8 29/4
reached at 2-3 am. said goodbye and slept.
woke at 5pm and thought it was 5 am... haha... watch hou yuan jia i bought and slacked away...

great trip


Friday, May 05, 2006


Not feeling that good today. It's a sad day...
2pieces of unhappy news...

"People come people go"

I was never good with change...probably never will be...
I had this same feeling after Ncc '04. people leave. Somehow I pulled myself today for 05 season at least for my team.for myself.for my dreams.I have to keep fighting no matter what life throws at me. To suceed dispite the problems,setbacks,despair,pain...

I guess in singapore the path i want to walk isn't exactly conventional. Maybe I'll be alone on the road not taken.


If i could go back in time. I will...to the good ole' dayz...where studies was mostly second in our hearts. December 05 was one of the best times i had.great company. great love for canoe.


did a slight variation to the programme. Added slightly more endurance.removed some sprints. Had 1 pretty good 500m set. still have to work on my balance. My drag. My catch.
I am slow...but i'll fight my way up...up that ladder...

I want perfection.

Have to fix and clean white. Rudder is off centre and she's all dirty.She's been with me through thick and thin. It's the only way to repay her.

Hmmmmmmm...the road not taken...I love the slow life elsewhere...

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Still quite busy but anyway...

Yo! AC won softball! good job softballers! marcus,alex,jin yan,jia qing,andre and the rest of you all. You kept your calm and fought hard. Great show. Alex scored the decider after 2 tie-breakers.

rushed to training after that. Did the sprints programme for the first time in weeks with Wei li and NUS. Wei li how pro...after so long still so fast.

Didn't feel lifting during my sets. Rocking about abit too much as well. And yes...still no catch and dragging. After the programme I ended up doing drills. Did the normal ones just to get out of my comfort zone for balancing. Not too bad...quite productive actually.

Also just learnt today that my K1 will probably be here in early July. Can't wait to get into it and row it about actually. European boats...wonder what's so good about them that most people use them.


NOW back to Li jiang XD

Day 2 23/4

Visited another Old town. Saw Maozedong there :) took a 4.15 pic there. 4.15Noah ROCKS!!!

At the old town. I walked with Chen Yi even though I was actually in pain( I mean Chen yi slowed down to walk with me, Thank you!). I bought a pair of slippers from the convenience store too assist me in my walking but it didnt help much...had to go for training in a boat where the footstrap so tight and abraid my feet until like that. Yi got his leather shoes there...and I was trying to find a wind chime to hang on my room window. But the chimes had ONE very big problem. Most of the chimes had nice sounds BUT the problem is...they don't ring when the wind blows...SOoooo...WHAT's the point?!?

Nothing much. Had dinner and then a briefing by the spring of love people on the cip part of the trip and later planned the learning activities and slept.

Day3 24/4
Today we set off for the village school where we would stay for 2days,2nights. The toilets were horrible but theres nothing I could do about it. Emptied most stuff out of my system to reduce the sufferings in the toilets there and we left. I didn't take many pictures there but it was a beautiful place.

Upon arrival, we brought the donations to the school's library where we found our school year book from 2002! Commented about Yi's socks in sec 1 :P

Put our stuff in the school dorm. the beds were 3 planks of wood on a metal frame. Also we had our first experience with the toilet...nevermind...i'll skip that...

Had some ice-breakers after lunch there. The food was great! At first the kids were rather shy...but we got them to speak up once mandir came into the scene with the banghra dance. They loved it and I had a great time.

Played Whacko with them. SUPER difficult with so many new names to remember and in chinese somemore where they speak uber fast. All i remembered was a Helai,Hehong,Mulu,Mufa,zhengze(khing)+ people i already know +mandir :) and a you shong if i'm right...

I AM SUPER blur at this game. Kenna whacked a few times cos i'm dreaming and never hear my name being called by the Chinese kids. Somehow the call me and I can't hear...When i'm the whacking guy...I can't remember their names too...so was kinda lost in the centre of the circle.

After that, we moved on to dog and bone. Thought the kids the real way to play the game(Cheating the opponent and snatching the bottle in the middle be4 running home). I fell btw...being a zq...i tend to do stupid stuff. David became known as "something" else also.


Next was a telematch designed by games crew. The spinning part was so spinny that people actually fall after spinning 10 times. (they learnt how to cheat in this game) WHAT are we teaching them man...

Dinner followed and the concert where we had to perform was next. Chen yi and zhen yi(tims) guitared away...T.Chiew+brendan+Huang & co. sang tonghua when the power died and we just sang in the dark. The whole school actually sang along to our surprise. Entertained them with jay chou songs till the fire was built and performances by mandir and yeon wei tickled the minds.

Later the mass banghra dance where the whole school joined in. cool sight.

As a sign of respect, they thought us their dance. I couldnt catch it for some reason. Its quite simple actually. too sleepy ready...lagging that night i guess.

danced round the fire over and over and over and over...really good exercise. I was sweating real bad in like 13-16 degrees after the dance. sorta trans like dance where you just can't stop once its started. Visited the toilets and went to sleep while the girls star gazed and saw shooting stars. CRAP!

my feet was hurting...washed it with mineral water we bought and attempted to sleep.

That night was freezing cold. at 12+am it was still bearable. after that the temp just dropped. woke at 1am,3am,5am and didn't sleep after that. too cold. I wasn't that prepared for such cold. i sat up against the metal post and started shivering when cold air came in through the broken window.Prayed real hard for the sun to rise...

Tough night...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

busy busy..

Really busy today...I shall continue the lijiang thing tmr if i have the time.

Aching real bad today from yesterday's weights. Just came back and I'm trying to whack as hard as I can. Not so smooth for the past 3 sessions. Also did some sprints with the marathon people not too bad...just that i missed 2 sets...

Felt some glide which was what i wanted, but still can't control my rotation speed. Long dist. was horrible. dragging. no catch. no sliding. no feel. utter crap. But i just came back...so hopefully it will come back with time.

Mum made pizza for dinner. yay! Tasted pretty good. Just had 4 slices. getting more later.

Now got essay to write....


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

OEP '06

Saturday 22/4

Day1 of our trip. We decided to meet at 12midnight and have a final snack before we leave. That's what I did at least... We hung around BK till check-in time. Later we moved over to the terminals and stoned...well not all of us actually...

We flew with the kunming people and they started their own "gambling den" playing bridge all the way till the plane came. At first i thought it was one of those 747s at least...turns out...the plane was half that size...

The plane left at 3.40am. Somehow my seat was really warm and it was difficult sleeping but I managed too somehow.

After landing at Kunming, we waited for our domestic flight to lijiang(horrible!!!)...The group started guitaring and bridging but i was too sleepy. Soooo...being a tard that I am... i fell asleep on a trolley... no idea how lah...(not my fault ok...)

Got on the flight which was super scary. I heard from my dad these pilots were army pilots...and I got first hand experience XD

HE seriously can't land the plane for nuts! Worse than a rollercoaster loh. I was super scared we crash into some mountain. Anyway we landed at what...1.10pm? The first sights were stunning. mountains etc all around. Ahh yes...i haven't mentioned the airport yet...it's just 1 small building with 1 belt for luggage! That was a first for me.

Went for lunch and then to Shuhe old town. Yi chen bought his cowboy hat(which we found everywhere else at cheaper rates) there. Nice place, except that we have to watch our step or risk stepping on horse dung. Not forgetting the funny english signs :)

Went back for dinner and gathered with the learning activities group to discuss what we were gonna teach the kids.Somehow...Khing turned it into some OTHER discussion+david+T.chiew's presence= uncontrollable laughter.

Turned in for the night early...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Zeke's return to writing!

Well...well... its been a long time now since i actually reflected. Some what...2 years now? Anyway...I just got back from Lijiang,Kunming,PRC.

Lovely Place.

I will retire in a place like this if I have the chance...and $$ of course.Its a CIP trip and the group stayed in a mountain village school dorm for 3days,2nights.

Met many new faces there as while, Singaporean and Chinese alike.

What stuck me and stayed with me the most was still the innocence of the kids. The level of contentment they had though their lives were extremely simple. You can really feeling their sincerity in your heart. That's what I like...

Over the next few posts i shall give a more in depth description of my trip. Busy now you see...just got back to Singapore and all that nonsensical problems are back to haunt me.

1: Tok essay.
2: Tests.
3: Gotta order my K1!!!
4: Getting my foot healed...

How I wish things moved slower around here...