Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So far trial haven't been going well. Managed to screw up my 2000m trial and slowed down 8s from my best time this year. 1000m I managed to make it into the a final but the race didn't work out as I thought it would losing pretty badly in the last 175m from 3/4placing to 6th. And b final had 2 that managed to clock faster times too which effectively places me 9th in 2000m and 8th in 1000m. I had a string of pretty bad trainings leading up to this trial and there's much to work on to get back to my best. Hope next week will be better. I am a hard worker and there's no reason to lose this much to anyone.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Running again

Well, i've finally got off my lazy ass and started running again. Now, i just have to keep to the schedule and do them properly and the speed of my paddling should go up again.

Timetrials are 2 weeks away and it's looking like its gonna be an interesting trial with chongqing, lucas and aiman and not forgetting bill, all with good speed.

Also, finally got a pic of szolnok.
Was one of the first few days there and it was really chilling in the evening after second paddling.