Friday, February 07, 2014

health first

So far 2014 hasn't had the most smooth of starts. Both grandmas are having some health issues. Ah ma's in hospital and docs say theres a chance of heart attack due to low blood pressure. the medicine that is used against it however could also potentially lead to an attack. Nai Nai fell just before the new year and fractured her hip and is to be bed rested for 3 months.And my dad has to go for some heart procedure on monday due to calcium levels being 4x higher than than normal which increases heart attack rates tremendously.

What a crazy 2014.

It's times like this, I wish everyone didn't age. And that maybe I wouldn't need to grow up. And things can remain the same.

And life was much simpler.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

New Year's wishes

I wish to be a better grandson, a better son, brother,cousin, friend and person in the new year. Wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year!