Sunday, January 21, 2018

2018- a fresh start


2017 came and gone pretty fast. I guess it was a year that forced me out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for that. All in all, looking back it wasn't too bad a year. In paddling I didn't managed to race internationally but I better my personal best times in quite a few distances. I started working and meeting people again which was what I wanted. Also had the chance to spend time more quality time with the family. Ma didn't have lung cancer as originally diagnosed which was the biggest relief. I guess things somehow work itself out. 

For 2018, I hope to keep pushing my limits and to keep going out of my comfort zone. Let's hope I don't fall back into old habits. 

Started the yea with 2 weeks reservist. Being back made me realize how good it is to be free- to choose where you want to go or do. Nothing has changed at all inside a camp. It feels the same as 10 years ago. I settled in pretty fast and I think I'm more sure of my role there this year.i would say it was not too bad apart from the lack of sleep and being unable to shower for long periods of time. 

But now I've started regular work again and I'm down to my last month with nparks. I hope to make the most of my time there and maybe I'll be back in the future. I'm not too sure yet and it will depend on the contract. Last year thought me that I will need a minimum of 2500$ monthly to be able to get by and save alittle. Being part time kinda isn't enough to really get by.

Training has been tiring as usual. I'm trying to focus on the technique and to work at the right intensities but not overdo it. I will try my best to improve in all areas of training and I just wished that I had abit more sleep sometimes. 

Also met up with the ib cohort at our 10 year gathering. It was great to see everyone again. Everyone seems so different, yet the same. Our paths has gone down such different routes over the years. Just glad to be able to catch up with old friends once again. Being back in acs really made me miss the great times in school from 2002-2007. I truly enjoyed my time there. 

Hopefully all goes well this year 
All the best for 2018.

Monday, December 11, 2017

An exploration into cryptocurrency


I've been pretty free lately with the end of the year approaching and things slowing down abit for the holiday season. So i've decided to use the spare time to read up about the latest big thing that is dominating the news in the past few months - cryptocurrency, blockchains, coins.

Reading through the news, my economics brain started to stir again for the first time since i graduated. Supply and Demand, futures, long, short are just some of the terms that reminded me of good times in university sitting in a boring classroom thinking that i would never need this information. Turns out it's making people alot of money now.

Following the news for a few weeks now and im abit more sure of what is happening in the industry. It's pretty exciting stuff. The ideals are nice, but then i wonder how it would fare in a non-ideal world. The decentralised ledger is really a brilliant idea which creates transparency and reduces the control of the top 1% in the world. But then again, the top guys will know this is happening. They would find their way into the system no?

Still I think that there is something worthwhile in the blockchain technology though it probably is still far from its full potential. I don't think its use as a store of value will be successful for now because of its volatility - one day you could have $10 and the next day it might be $1/$100.

 I also feel that the current prices of Bitcoin at the moment are abit inflated (S$22 850). There's a lot of people going into it just for the opportunity to make some easy money. But today with the launch of futures contracts, there might be a chance that the big money institutional investors may be able to short the market which might bring prices down quickly. I dont know what will happen, but i'm interested to see how the markets continue to move in the coming weeks. Will keep reading up more and observing the market.

Till then,


Sunday, December 03, 2017

Working and planning for 2018


Since the last time I was here, I managed to extend my nparks part time contract for 2 more months till February. After that I will be leaving to US for a month of training with the team before I return for the national championships for some racing experience. 

It's funny how my thoughts have changed since April. Back then, I thought a part time job would suffice and that I would be able to get by on anything more than 1200$/month. But since then, I've started to look at my finances abit more carefully and I realized it's gonna take much more than that to really be surviving.

Now my estimate would be about 2000$/month and maybe I will have some savings? Money is a funny thing, it really just makes me feel like I would want more and more.. And more. 
Where does it stop? If I had 3000$/month, would I feel like this still? If it's 7000$...10000$?
I really don't know.

All I know is I would like to be reasonably compensated for the work I do. If it's fair, I think I would have no complaints.

On the paddling side, I'm trying to keep motivated and excited about trainings. Trying to keep enjoying the process. Hope things continue to improve in the next few months.

Also, I'm starting to try to e poorer my other interests. I am enjoying the researching I'm doing on history that is related to my work at Nparks. I like initiating modern cool art for the exhibitions and I like it when the public also enjoy it as much as I do. I'm also spending some time to reading up on fin tech in an attempt to make use of my economic skills ? I feel it's a waste having them but never using them.  With the latest fever running around Bitcoin, I'm wondering if it is a good idea to try some investing. Or maybe just another bubble that's gonna burst.

I guess we will have to wait for the next post to find out.

Till then,

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Start of new season and last month at parks


Tmr is the start of the new season. New goals and the beginning of another year of trying to get better at paddling. My aims are very personal now, I just want to keep getting better. I hope I can achieve the things I set out to do. It will be tiring, and maybe there will be long periods of training alone again. But I will remind myself to keep my head up and enjoy the process.

It's the same with my last month at nparks. I have enjoyed my time here and I found the work something meaningful. Not much complaints apart from maybe I would like to earn alittle more. At the beginning of this journey I didn't know how much I needed to get through a month. Now I've really learnt about the real importance of money and how I spend my time.

Still, I hope they will find something for me to do for next year. It's been great for me so far. I feel more balanced and it gave me the feeling of enjoying what I do again. Be it paddling or work. 

Fingers crossed for the new season and year of working ahead.

Till then.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

2nd week of break


Since the selection, I've tried to keep my mind busy with other things. And with work, it was just right that the exhibition came a few weeks after which kept me busy. I just put my mind into that so that I could keep myself occupied and to keep the morale up. I guess it worked. 

The past few weeks seemed to go by pretty fast and I enjoyed myself. But with the end of the exhibition things started to slow down again and the extra time seems to be catching up along with the thought about what happens next?

Do I try to get another contract? Do I go head on with training without the possibility of every making it to the games. Currently it's a blur and it irritates me alittle.

It however seems to me that the only little chance I have is to be away for a long time. It makes it impossible to keep working though I've started to enjoy it alittle and got a nice bunch that I get along with. I can't imagine doing all that again next year from scratch. Not sure how to proceed from here actually.

The other thing that irritates me is the constant talk about money. I don't understand my aversion to being in conversations about it but i just have a general distaste for hearing about how much people are making and how it would be great to be part of this or that job.

Maybe I'm just not meant to live in the city.
Hope things sort itself out soon.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

ACC Selection

Today i went for the final selection for Asian Championships.
I missed being selected by 1 second. I had the 2nd place at the last 50m but was overtaken by mervyn and aiman at the end. Maybe my mistake was to start the finish to early. Maybe i should have chased the 2nd 250m abit more. its hard to say which is better.

Feeling abit down again. I hope it will pass and i can get on with building on this.

I will have to write down what i need to do and focus on it tremendously to make the big jump. At least this season i still have a new personal best of 3.48 on the k1 1000m and 21.45 on the 5km. That's still something to be happy about.

Back to the drawing board i guess.

head up zeke.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

3rd week of August 2017


I've started to settle into the lifestyle of training early and late and working through the day without a nap. At the start it seemed impossible to do but I'm getting a hang of it. I still do wish for a half hour nap everyday though.. I feel it would benefit everyone's health a lot. 

Training has been quite okay. Having a rough time handling the rotating seat in the afternoon windy and wavey conditions. But I will keep practicing. Maybe I might never get to race internationally again but still, it's something I wanna do. My timings over the distances are still pretty similar to when I was training much harder. Maybe I was pushing my body too hard? Maybe I didn't give it enough time to recover and grow? I'll try to keep this in mind going forward. The juniors have been okay to train with. Somehow, they make me feel carefree again. All the people my age are worrying about promotions, pay, dealing with bosses and colleagues. I have to deal with these now too, but when I go paddling I feel free again. And the juniors remind me of this. And I really like that feeling of not being bogged down.

I should train alittle more hours though. Some days I struggled with abit of motivation. Have to try to keep my head up and smile. 

Work has been ok. I think my colleagues are getting used to me. The things I do, and the style I work. People have been nice. I did a 3D art thing for them. I kinda volunteered for it. My reasons is to show them I can do it much better and faster than their usual practices. Hopefully it can ignite abit of spark? I feel sometimes there is too much line drawing on what is mine and what is not. We should all do our best I feel. Minimally is to give our best effort. If I let this project go the usual way it would probably take a month to get the first draft. Now after a week of work, it's almost done. I hope the people that work with me feel something about what I did. At least I know some of them feel it's cool :) 

Other than these things, Jori's girl turned a month old today'! I really made the effort to go and visit them. I hope I keep making steps to not be some avoidant of society. Somehow I've become abit like that. I feel I need to start to value these things abit more.

Till next time.