Wednesday, May 16, 2018

End of asian games selections


Just wanted to write about the past month's training camp in szeged. The trainings were pretty good and I could feel myself getting stronger and faster with each week that went by. I got more confident with the weather and conditions too and I felt good. On the third week I came down with stomach issues that persisted for 4 days and when I returned to training I felt abit weaker and didn't have good appetite. Also had a fall during soccer training and my ankle was abit hurt. Still I tried my best for the selections and was doing well till the last 250m. Felt a sudden loss of power and confidence at that point and started falling back very suddenly. In the end I ended in fourth and didn't make it for the k2 1000m at asian games. 

I was pretty disappointed but I tried to keep myself in the zone to prepare for the 500 that could still be good. I felt I controlled my emotions much better this year than last year and went into the race giving myself a chance at doing well. I started well again but at the last 200 lucas pulled ahead again as I lost speed through the finish. That is where I have to focus on in the future. Still, I felt it was a decent set in 1.47.8. It was far from the best two guys but I feel I can do alittle better still.

Just returned to singapore now and am on a short break from paddling so that I can recharge myself. Will be back and pushing for faster times in the future! I am proud of where I've come to since the last asian games.

Hope things will work out In time. Till then,


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Late night thoughts

Just finished watching egao no hosoku. The story strikes me as something I've been feeling in the past year. Many of the challenges faced by yumi the female lead played by Yuko Takeuchi seemed to have been things I've been feeling. 

One of these would be the uncertainty of part time work. Nearing the end of the series, the question of 'what's next?' Kept popping up. That was something I kept asking myself as well as something that my colleagues kept asking me about. And like her, I didn't really have a good answer for it. 
Another thing I related to was about how she kept trying to find something to do that was meaningful even if it didn't pay well. I was looking for work that also kind of put me in the same circumstances and it almost felt like déjà vu.

The male lead also struggled with motivation as a comic artist and it was also similar to how I felt about kayaking for a period in 2017 after a series of unsuccessful years. He gradually managed to find renewed vigor in his work and did eventually put out his best comics with the help of yumi. 

I really enjoyed the series and it reminded me of how important it is to keep doing my best and having a positive Attitude in the things I do. I feel somewhat reinvigorated watching this and I hope I can continue to give my best in what I love and do- be it kayaking of work. Finally, I really liked the message of loving how the present situation is, almost longing for it to remain the same forever- yet in order for us to continue to grow and improve, we mustn't be afraid of change. 

The next few months will be another crossroad for me. Regardless of the result, I will have to continue to change as I have from the year before. I am afraid that I will stagnant or even worse go back to bad habits and routines. 

It was a good show, with many important lessons. Somehow it found me, and I will try to learn from this.

Till then


Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Thinking about what interests me


I was just reading about people who had started up their own businesses and are now really successful. It reminded me that I should also keep exploring new things and maybe I might one day also be an entrepreneur and have a solid business going that can help me achieve the life I want to lead.

Working for the past year opened my eyes on what the typical office life is. You mingle with your colleagues, maybe you will get a real nice bunch you enjoy working with. You deal with upper and middle management and you try your best to get the work done in a timely manner of the highest quality? This goes on from Monday to Friday and after you get the weekend to recharge and look forward to the next holiday or paycheck. For me this might be also with two times a day training sessions of 2-3 hours each for my competitive kayaking. And it repeats.

What I want would be to have a decent living, to be healthy and to be in control of my time. How can that be? It seems impossible but there must be ways to do this. I will have to think about things.

Coaching is one thing I would like to do someday and I think it will allow me the freedom of choice with my time. I however would also like to try other things.

Technology interests me and also environmental issues. 
I.e. How can we make our lives better with tech? How can we reduce pollution in a sustainable way?

Maybe I will be able to think of an interesting solution and that will be my entrepreneurial idea. 

Till then I will keep on brainstorming.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Back from Florida and solo preparation for a month


I reached back to singapore from Florida last week. The traveling was an experience. The total travel time was 40-ish hours with a night spent sleeping on a couch in Atlanta international airport. I initially planned to get a hotel in Atlanta for the night however the reviews for the cheap motels weren't good and it was troublesome to leave the airport at 12 midnight to look for a place. 

I also considered the club@ATL which was available in the mornings to at least get a shower to freshen up but then again the airport was completely empty in the early morning so I basically had all facilities to myself. 

The airport got pretty cold in the night and I found myself having to coverup with the extras clothes from my hand carry. I also laned late at night and because I was hungry, started to explore the terminals for food. Everything however was closed and I eventually gave up searching and returned to the international terminal to sleep. There was a family that was also doing the same on the couches across me and it gave me a sense of security at the spot I chose. 

There were maintenance works going on for the first part of the night which irritated some others resting in the area but I was so tired I could sleep through it. In the morning I ate at the food canteen on the second floor before my flight to Narita airport. 

I wished the transit times were in Narita and not Atlanta as it would have given me time to explore the Japanese airport abit more and buy some goodies. 

Also my luggage decided to travel to rio instead of coming home with me. But it's back now so things are sorted out.

Training in Florida was good, I wish I could have stayed longer. But I do feel it might be better for me to come back still. Looking at the program, I think I would be so exhausted. t least here I can do the higher intensities properly and stick to my zones and feelings. The on,y problem here is that I'm too alone I guess. The past 1.5 weeks there was still some to train with but after Saturday I think it will be just me again. I will have to adapt and find a way to have good speed on the 1000m before I go back to Hungary in 2 weeks. 

Hopefully things will go according to plan. For now I keep fighting and keep at it with a positive attitude.

See ya 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

End of Contract and back in Florida


My contract with Nparks finally ended last week. Was sad to leave. I admit i've grown quite attached to the people and the place and it was a good working environment. Its funny how just 8 months back i was dreading the start of work but now i actually think its fine. Juggling the demands of full time sport and work was not easy however and with the few days of leave i had i really felt much more alert and rested as compared to days where i start at 7am and end at 7pm.

Still i am grateful for the opportunity but now i have to put my soul into trying to win a slot at the asian games in august.

Testing results from the past week show that my fitness is at an acceptable level and strength is pretty ok as well. Will have to really focus on the technique and bring out my best in the coming weeks as there is alot of improvement to be made. The other guys look in very good shape at the moment and i will also have to step up my game now that i can get a proper rest during the day between sessions.

Hope things will be fine. They always are in the end.

On a side note, my tiny crypto trading on the side is doing well. Ive noticed some flaws in my trading process but i will learn with time. Emotions are a real thing when you put out your hard earned money on the line haha! I never thought it would affect me but i've made my fair share of bad calls. I guess there's no way to learn except the hard way in this line of work.

Will post a photo in due time. Im making sure to document this trip better than the previous time.
till then,


Sunday, January 21, 2018

2018- a fresh start


2017 came and gone pretty fast. I guess it was a year that forced me out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for that. All in all, looking back it wasn't too bad a year. In paddling I didn't managed to race internationally but I better my personal best times in quite a few distances. I started working and meeting people again which was what I wanted. Also had the chance to spend time more quality time with the family. Ma didn't have lung cancer as originally diagnosed which was the biggest relief. I guess things somehow work itself out. 

For 2018, I hope to keep pushing my limits and to keep going out of my comfort zone. Let's hope I don't fall back into old habits. 

Started the yea with 2 weeks reservist. Being back made me realize how good it is to be free- to choose where you want to go or do. Nothing has changed at all inside a camp. It feels the same as 10 years ago. I settled in pretty fast and I think I'm more sure of my role there this year.i would say it was not too bad apart from the lack of sleep and being unable to shower for long periods of time. 

But now I've started regular work again and I'm down to my last month with nparks. I hope to make the most of my time there and maybe I'll be back in the future. I'm not too sure yet and it will depend on the contract. Last year thought me that I will need a minimum of 2500$ monthly to be able to get by and save alittle. Being part time kinda isn't enough to really get by.

Training has been tiring as usual. I'm trying to focus on the technique and to work at the right intensities but not overdo it. I will try my best to improve in all areas of training and I just wished that I had abit more sleep sometimes. 

Also met up with the ib cohort at our 10 year gathering. It was great to see everyone again. Everyone seems so different, yet the same. Our paths has gone down such different routes over the years. Just glad to be able to catch up with old friends once again. Being back in acs really made me miss the great times in school from 2002-2007. I truly enjoyed my time there. 

Hopefully all goes well this year 
All the best for 2018.

Monday, December 11, 2017

An exploration into cryptocurrency


I've been pretty free lately with the end of the year approaching and things slowing down abit for the holiday season. So i've decided to use the spare time to read up about the latest big thing that is dominating the news in the past few months - cryptocurrency, blockchains, coins.

Reading through the news, my economics brain started to stir again for the first time since i graduated. Supply and Demand, futures, long, short are just some of the terms that reminded me of good times in university sitting in a boring classroom thinking that i would never need this information. Turns out it's making people alot of money now.

Following the news for a few weeks now and im abit more sure of what is happening in the industry. It's pretty exciting stuff. The ideals are nice, but then i wonder how it would fare in a non-ideal world. The decentralised ledger is really a brilliant idea which creates transparency and reduces the control of the top 1% in the world. But then again, the top guys will know this is happening. They would find their way into the system no?

Still I think that there is something worthwhile in the blockchain technology though it probably is still far from its full potential. I don't think its use as a store of value will be successful for now because of its volatility - one day you could have $10 and the next day it might be $1/$100.

 I also feel that the current prices of Bitcoin at the moment are abit inflated (S$22 850). There's a lot of people going into it just for the opportunity to make some easy money. But today with the launch of futures contracts, there might be a chance that the big money institutional investors may be able to short the market which might bring prices down quickly. I dont know what will happen, but i'm interested to see how the markets continue to move in the coming weeks. Will keep reading up more and observing the market.

Till then,