Monday, February 11, 2019


Tomorrow I go back to camp for my 3rd cycle. It's gonna be a tiring one because it's an assessment year. Packed up my pack and my training clothes for 2 weeks and I felt again this sense of being 'trapped'. I've never liked the idea of going into camp and I still find it hard to find joy in it. Looking at the junior boys now enlisting, it's a sense of déjà vu. It really didn't seem like 11 years has past when I was in their exact position. Well, I'm glad that Julian and jack are enjoying it. 

Training has been going well. I've put in quite a lot of effort the past months and am returning to fitness. There's still a ways to my best but I will get there eventually and hopefully even make new limits. My aim for this year is to break another personal record on any distance. I hope to also be able to get into the team if possible. Will be missing some training for the next 2 weeks, but I will do what I can  o at least maintain my fitness for the time being.

Trading has been tough. I've finally realized how important it is to take a loss. Now I've to start all over and work my way out of the hole. I'm not going to give up on this and will keep at it and hopefully my skills will improve and get me onto the right path. 

Other than the usual, Im thinking of going back to work in the day for at least a few hours. I felt like I need to get out there and meet new people again. And I also felt the need for some financial stability at least for the time being until my trading gets consistently profitable. What I want from this year is to be able to earn enough to not have to tightening my wallet so much. I would like to be able to go for trips again with my parents and not feel guilty about not having enough to pay. I would like to be able to buy things without needing to think how many trades I need to make to get it back. This is one thing I want to achieve this year.

I really admire entrepreneurs. They really have the balls to go out there and pave their own way. It takes a really special individual. Hopefully that is what my trading career will lead me to. 

Other than these, Chinese New Year came and went really quickly. I was glad to see my cousins doing well and also to see some of my grand uncles and aunts. Time is really short, we need to spend them wisely with the people that are important to us. 

That's all for now. Wishing everyone a prosperous year of the pig!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Season End break/ 3rd Month Full time Day trading


The past weeks have been a good break from the rigidity of a structured training programme. It was a much needed break from the season which turned out unsuccessful in my push for an Asian Games Spot in the K2 1000m. The guys who represented us did well against the asian nations in Indonesia and i really wished that i could have been there to show my progress from the 2014 Asian Games. Congratulations to them for the good results. I will try again with more focus this season and hope to make the jump.

Been spending the past few weeks just doing an hour of whatever exercising i felt like. It ranged from a run, cycle, swim, weights, ergo paddling to just nothing much. Its nice to do whatever you want sometimes and i enjoyed the sessions without commitment to push hard or to finish a certain amount of sets.

The free time also allowed me to do more reading and learning about how to improve my trading skills. I read some books that were recommended to me and also watched and listened to a ton of videos online which were great resources. What i have learnt is that skill and knowledge does not play as huge a role when compared with the psychology of trading. The skills are all there but how a person reacts to a trade seem to matter more on whether the trade goes well or not. Most of the time, the entry will determine how successful a trade goes. I also learnt that patience plays a huge role  in the success of a trade.

I've managed to finish my 2nd full month green as well! It started really slow and i didnt have much success in the first week. Then things started to pick up and i gradually started to regain more confidence in myself. I guess this is the traders lifestyle. You never know what is going to happen.

I do enjoy it. In the past 3 months of really trading, I feel more intune with the markets now. I'm also starting to gain confidence and execute trades on my own calls. Hopefully, i can continue to remain in the zone and will be able to have longevity in this brutal game.

Next week the structured training comes back in. Looking forward to getting back into shape and we will see how things go.

Till then,

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Report card 1


The past 3 weeks have been really scary for me. Every night when I opened my trading account I was unsure if I could come out with a green day. Thankfully, I am glad to report 3 consecutive green weeks. It's also great that its earnings season and the pick up in volatility has really helped with my trading. I think that finding the trade net YouTube channel really helped me out as their live streaming really helps me learn the profession in real time and I feel like I have learnt so much just listening the the analysts discuss their possible actions. 

Now I'm trying to continue to learn and even went to get meir's book from the library to have a good read through and to fill in gaps that are missing from the live streams. I'm really grateful to learn from these guys and hope that I can continue to improve my skills. 

I've set my targets for the week and I will try my best to stick to my rules of engaging a trade. I also started to record all of my trades so that once I have a large enough sample size, I will be able to data mine and find the best areas to focus on. Little by little, I hope to grow this account into a sizable one and maybe one day be able to really pay myself out with a withdrawal.

Hope things continue to go well in the following weeks. The path is winding and uncharted, but I hope to have the courage and determination to continue to carry on. 

I never gave up in kayaking, I won't give up at this either.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Weddings, Trading, Kayaking


Been a busy month. Been watching live trading every night to see how the seasoned pros do it in real time. I made $55 on ON but lost $253 on TWTR so currently im down $200. Haven't been trading btc as much as i have been trying to learn the stock market abit more and it took alot of my attention.

I am also looking for a better broker as the commissions for local brokers is eating away my profits and even though i made good calls on NFLX and ARNC, i could not exit with profit even after a 5-7% move to the upside.

Trading is really hard, the emotions of my first lost was quite a hit i admit and it took me a day to get over it. But i will keep trying to succeed and hopefully one day i can say that i have cracked it! Still, i am abit worried some nights when i lie down in bed and think about it. If i cant succeed, i will have to find a job and work off the losses. But i think i will keep trying at least till december and hopefully i can be profitable by then.

Been to Dang's wedding and MX's wedding the past 2 weeks. it was good to see them happily with their partners. How time flies. It doesnt seem too long ago that one was my secondary 1 classmate with a math score of 103/100 and the other my teammate in the k4 1000m training for my first SEA Games where we got our first medals and validation as athletes. Now they are both moving to the next stage in life. Yet, i feel like i am exactly the same person i was from 2002, 2011.

I think i dont change much. I still like the same things, I still have the same routines. I am still in the kayak everyday. I feel different from everyone else. How do they change so much? how do they move to new things so easily. I am not sure how its possible and i cant wrap my mind around it.

Maybe i just am not good with change. And i resist it alittle.

I should try to make the first steps again more often. There will be good things infront of me too.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Job hunting, trading and back to training


It's been afew weeks since my last update and in this time quite afew things have happened. I sent out afew job applications, mainly to startups as I prefer less bureaucratic environments and they were mainly in the field of financial technology which I thought was interesting. My first few applications have not given me any replies and I guess I won't be hearing back from them. The last said I had a strong application however they found someone else who was better suited probably due to the fact that I didn't have much industry experience. Well, I'll keep looking around and I might apply if the location and job seems interesting. This job hunt was more thorough than last year. Previously I really had no idea what I wanted to do and would have just jumped into any job even if I didn't like it. Now having had some experience working, I have a better idea of the environment I want and what I am interested in and what I am not.

Maybe that's why it's harder to find another job now. In the meantime, while awaiting replies from companies, I started to seriously learn trading and technical analysis. I find that there are many YouTube channels such as Tone Vays, The Chart guys and Philakone really useful in getting newbies like me into trading. These guys really know their stuff and I'm not surprised they are doing well. 
I started trading the Bitcoin I bought much more seriously now and at first I wasn't making much and was often stuck in bad trading positions. But after afew months of reading and watching these guys, I'm starting to make more progress and have begun to accumulate and grow my crypto accounts slowly but surely. Now the only thing that worries me if that the exchange gets hacked or that it will take a long time for prices to recover for me to cash out and realize my profits. 

Also I started moving into quities and etfs as this would allow me to realize profits in dollars instead of in Bitcoin(so that I can use it for daily life). Hopefully I can continue to improve with more time as I quite enjoy trading and reading about markets which was the reason I liked economics so much.Still, I will continue to keep a look out for any good jobs out there as it would be nice to also meet new people and not just be coped up in front of my computer and charts all day. 

I also signed up for my final coaching course certification. I would like to get it done and be fully recognized as a qualified kayak coach in the case that I would like to coach in the future. I haven't decided yet, but since I am not competing this year in the asian games, it gives me more time to do other things.

Also I got back into proper training., I feel technically better and have been working to improve my base speeds. However my fitness needs a lot of work now as I haven't been pushing myself very hard training alone most of the time. I did have Daniel and the juniors for awhile which was great and it reminded me of the early years between 2007 and 2011. Those were great times to paddle when there were a lot of motivated people around who were also fun to hang out with. It seems like everyone is moving on to other things but I still like kayaking too much to stop doing it on a daily basis.

Hopefully I will be able to find my ikigai as well. If you don't know what it is, look it up on google!

Till the next update.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

A fresh start

Had 2 weeks of just sitting around and recovering from the selections.

Finally I'm starting to feel like i should get up and about and do something productive again. Applied for 2 jobs. One is as an economic writer for a consultation company and the second is as an analyst for a financial tech company that specialises in digital wallets.

I've had interest in these two kind of jobs for awhile now and i think its time i get to applying for them. Seems like there are alot of others who also want the job but that's life, you have to fight for what you want.

Also got back into training, the daily routines of 2 times daily sessions. Slowly i'm getting the feelings back and will being to push harder and harder to get the improvements i want for my paddling.

Other than this, im also considering finishing up my coaching certifications and also to maybe start coaching some younger kids. But we'll see where that goes. I dont want to overload too much on things to do and just enjoy the time i have now.

Also, im getting much much better at technical analysis. Maybe if i am consistent enough, one day i will never need to work again!

Anyway, here's a video from training camp in szeged. My technique is so much nicer now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

End of asian games selections


Just wanted to write about the past month's training camp in szeged. The trainings were pretty good and I could feel myself getting stronger and faster with each week that went by. I got more confident with the weather and conditions too and I felt good. On the third week I came down with stomach issues that persisted for 4 days and when I returned to training I felt abit weaker and didn't have good appetite. Also had a fall during soccer training and my ankle was abit hurt. Still I tried my best for the selections and was doing well till the last 250m. Felt a sudden loss of power and confidence at that point and started falling back very suddenly. In the end I ended in fourth and didn't make it for the k2 1000m at asian games. 

I was pretty disappointed but I tried to keep myself in the zone to prepare for the 500 that could still be good. I felt I controlled my emotions much better this year than last year and went into the race giving myself a chance at doing well. I started well again but at the last 200 lucas pulled ahead again as I lost speed through the finish. That is where I have to focus on in the future. Still, I felt it was a decent set in 1.47.8. It was far from the best two guys but I feel I can do alittle better still.

Just returned to singapore now and am on a short break from paddling so that I can recharge myself. Will be back and pushing for faster times in the future! I am proud of where I've come to since the last asian games.

Hope things will work out In time. Till then,