Sunday, July 14, 2019

A better July


Almost mid way through July now. Been paddling a lot and sometimes still pushing way more than my body can handle. I still keep the routine and am trying to keep motivated now that there is not many others doing this anymore. I try to keep focused on improving myself everyday little by little and that's all that matters I guess. 

On the trading front, I started off the month abit shaken from the bad results in June but now I have found some rhythm again and am taking it one good trade at a time as famously said by mike bellafiore of SMB Capital. I love his work and hope that I too can one day be as successful inthe markets as this guy. Looking forward to the earnings season and a pick up in trade volume and opportunities.

Other than that, I've also started looking abit more seriously for some work to do in the afternoons. I feel that it would help to relieve some pressure that I have from needing to make money trading and it can only be helpful for my PnL as I wouldn't be just forcing trades when opportunities aren't really there. I acknowledge that I am not yet good or experienced enough to properly identify when I should cut back on size and when I should go all in. This will take time and experience to learn and in the mean time some other form of income can help sustain my learning curve.

Also I've decided to learn Japanese on my own on the weekends.  I was recently watching the youtube series by Kotaku's Tim Rodgers - "Let's Mosey": a slow translation of FFVII. I admit this is my favorite game of all time having first played it in 1999. I found the video by accident watching trailers of the new remake that square Enid is producing and I loved how he explained so much differences between the original and translated texts. I was surprised by the differences and kost meaning and decided heck! I have a lot of time now, I might as well try to learn this anyway.

Just got through the entire hiragana and will start on the katakana next week. I love learning new things and this is going to keep me busy for awhile I think.

Till then.


Sunday, June 30, 2019

Horrible June

And June went horribly badly for trading. Lost 6500$ this month and was really frustrating. I didn't cut my losers quick enough and kept holding on hoping to get out.but then reality hit me and I cut it off. My confidence is abit rattled and I'm doubting myself the whole month wondering what the heck happened. 

Back to basics I guess.monky the good setups and small moves everyday to put money back into my pocket. I got impulsive and traded size on dangerous names and stubbornness got the better of me again.

I need to change this to really have a shot of making this profitable.

Hope the next month is a better review.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

And there goes may

Wow. This year is going by faster than I thought. My last post was a day after I turned 30 and today it's close to 2 months later.

Well, I had a selection race, a national championships, heart study, stayed at the recovery house every afternoon to avoid excessive traveling back and forth for trainings and also trading into the nights with some pretty wild moves.

Selections were average. I feel that I could have done better as usual and that I should try to focus on the shorter more explosive stuff. Also maybe give my rotafix seat another go. Technique has improved a lot since then again which I'm happy for and now I'm just trying to keep the motivation up and always do the quality work needed. 

National champs was okay. It doesn't spur that much excitement in me nowadays. I remember I used to love it so much when I was younger. Maybe it's because the guys I did it with are all retired now and the new guys just don't give me the same feelings. 

Trading has been petty awesome. April was supposed to be a good month but I caught myself doing dumb things again. In May I really tried to set out on a good start and only do the things I was good at. Things worked really well and I closed may as my biggest profitable month yet. +6800. Looking to keep improving and learning the ropes in the next few months. 

I'm glad I tried my hands at trading. It's the first thing I really enjoyed doing since I started paddling.
Hope to keep getting better in all I do in the next few weeks.

Roger is also looking like he's getting stronger again. 2 months ago when I walked him, he had troubles completing one round around the block. I tried to walk him more regularly to strengthen him up abit and he seems to be much stronger again. Now he walks more than a round and not as slowly as he did before.  He's a tough one, and I'm glad he's doing well too.

Till the next post. Fingers crossed on all my coming endeavors.

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Today I turned 30.

I still feel like I'm the same guy from 20, 15 years old till today.
I still like the same foods, though I've tried to be a healthier eater.
I still like the same things I used to like before and some new things that I discovered along the way.
I still go to the same places to eat, get my drinks, chat and hang out with friends and family.
I still stay in the same room, wear mostly the same clothes and still write on this blog every once in awhile.

I think generally I'm the same person.

I wonder if that's a normal thing. Especially in this day where things move so fast and people seem to change so quickly.

Time really flies when you have fun I guess. 
Hope to see what I write about in afew years time.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Post reservist

Finally back from 2 weeks in camp. It was tiring but was glad to see familiar faces again and catch up on life with the guys. Army really is one of the things that all Singaporean guys can relate to. It's a bond in some way.

Was more fun then I expected with the exercise. Weather was very hot though and it must have been tough for the guys especially in their mid to late 30s. I'm fortunate that I'm still fit and healthy enough to take the load and so I tried to give my best and bear abit more when possible. Of course I got tired sometimes but more hands made light work.

Now that I'm home, I can appreciate the luxuries that we have in everyday life. Air conditioning, a car, showers and clean toilets everyday. Above all I was always wanting a clean toilet.

For now, I'm going to try to get back into my training routine again to lead up to the April selection. Not much time left and I will have to really do the sessions well. 

Hope things will go according to plan.

Till then

Monday, February 11, 2019


Tomorrow I go back to camp for my 3rd cycle. It's gonna be a tiring one because it's an assessment year. Packed up my pack and my training clothes for 2 weeks and I felt again this sense of being 'trapped'. I've never liked the idea of going into camp and I still find it hard to find joy in it. Looking at the junior boys now enlisting, it's a sense of déjà vu. It really didn't seem like 11 years has past when I was in their exact position. Well, I'm glad that Julian and jack are enjoying it. 

Training has been going well. I've put in quite a lot of effort the past months and am returning to fitness. There's still a ways to my best but I will get there eventually and hopefully even make new limits. My aim for this year is to break another personal record on any distance. I hope to also be able to get into the team if possible. Will be missing some training for the next 2 weeks, but I will do what I can  o at least maintain my fitness for the time being.

Trading has been tough. I've finally realized how important it is to take a loss. Now I've to start all over and work my way out of the hole. I'm not going to give up on this and will keep at it and hopefully my skills will improve and get me onto the right path. 

Other than the usual, Im thinking of going back to work in the day for at least a few hours. I felt like I need to get out there and meet new people again. And I also felt the need for some financial stability at least for the time being until my trading gets consistently profitable. What I want from this year is to be able to earn enough to not have to tightening my wallet so much. I would like to be able to go for trips again with my parents and not feel guilty about not having enough to pay. I would like to be able to buy things without needing to think how many trades I need to make to get it back. This is one thing I want to achieve this year.

I really admire entrepreneurs. They really have the balls to go out there and pave their own way. It takes a really special individual. Hopefully that is what my trading career will lead me to. 

Other than these, Chinese New Year came and went really quickly. I was glad to see my cousins doing well and also to see some of my grand uncles and aunts. Time is really short, we need to spend them wisely with the people that are important to us. 

That's all for now. Wishing everyone a prosperous year of the pig!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Season End break/ 3rd Month Full time Day trading


The past weeks have been a good break from the rigidity of a structured training programme. It was a much needed break from the season which turned out unsuccessful in my push for an Asian Games Spot in the K2 1000m. The guys who represented us did well against the asian nations in Indonesia and i really wished that i could have been there to show my progress from the 2014 Asian Games. Congratulations to them for the good results. I will try again with more focus this season and hope to make the jump.

Been spending the past few weeks just doing an hour of whatever exercising i felt like. It ranged from a run, cycle, swim, weights, ergo paddling to just nothing much. Its nice to do whatever you want sometimes and i enjoyed the sessions without commitment to push hard or to finish a certain amount of sets.

The free time also allowed me to do more reading and learning about how to improve my trading skills. I read some books that were recommended to me and also watched and listened to a ton of videos online which were great resources. What i have learnt is that skill and knowledge does not play as huge a role when compared with the psychology of trading. The skills are all there but how a person reacts to a trade seem to matter more on whether the trade goes well or not. Most of the time, the entry will determine how successful a trade goes. I also learnt that patience plays a huge role  in the success of a trade.

I've managed to finish my 2nd full month green as well! It started really slow and i didnt have much success in the first week. Then things started to pick up and i gradually started to regain more confidence in myself. I guess this is the traders lifestyle. You never know what is going to happen.

I do enjoy it. In the past 3 months of really trading, I feel more intune with the markets now. I'm also starting to gain confidence and execute trades on my own calls. Hopefully, i can continue to remain in the zone and will be able to have longevity in this brutal game.

Next week the structured training comes back in. Looking forward to getting back into shape and we will see how things go.

Till then,