Saturday, February 23, 2008


We really won...simply amazing...now time to get the facilities up and the sportmen and women in shape. First in SEA, hope it will be a grand and memorable one. I'll be 21 and out of army by then...can go watch...if got money...

On a not so entertaining note, had Sitest this week...I did my part but i doubt i'll end up as a commander because i don't want to. Please don't send me to command school esp the 6mnth one. 2 more weeks to go then we'll all be off that island and back on mainland and hopefully i'll go back to sub normal cv life..And Jori...Better come train for SEACC. Must win seniormen k2!

Oh yeah...trying for nus accountancy, environmental engin or econs. See how things go in the next few months till the uk apps thing reopens. By then my mind should be made up. It's so hard to apply for unis when bookouts are about 24hrs long only. Now that i mention that...all the remaining bookouts are on sat afternoon lah...and bookin is sunday...


Trainings have been rescheduled to sat afternoon and sunday mornings, so life's a mad rush to finish all the trainings, wash the smelly clothes and pack for book in. Life's not very fun at the moment...
Well, the rain keeps on coming down
It feels like a flood in my head
And that road keeps on calling me
Screaming to everything lying ahead
And it's a winding road
I've been walking for a long time
I still don't know
Where it goes
And it's a long way home
I've been searching for a long time
I still have hope
I'm gonna find my way home

Saturday, February 16, 2008

hungry...for proper food.

Ah. I really wanted to go paddle today but couldn't get up because we just got out of field camp last night and i somehow survived on 2hrs of sleep for the last 2 days.

It's been a crazy few days...on the 3rd day of CNY I developed high fever for 3 days. Peaked at 39.7 for about 1 day and i didn't eat a proper meal for those 3 days. As a result I missed the class gathering at Gc's place, and spent my CNY icepacking myself to make sure i don't burn up even higher. Missed day 1 of field camp and only returned back to find out that they won't let me participate in everything till the 2nd last day when status ends. I was feeling better by monday though...

First 2 nights were ok. Didn't sleep very well but managed at least 5+ hrs. Next 2 were filled with arti drills, rifle stunning, wild boar, filling up the grave we made and cold temperatures. On the last night only managed 2 hrs of sleep because of some night watch thing which lasted quite long.

Well i'm glad it's over. Rations suck very badly.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

CNY '08

Midweek bookout! Rare indeed...

Anyway, happy chinese new year and collecting many red red hongbao :)

The only interesting things were the range and IPPT. Bobo the night shooting because of nightblindness. But i eventually passed. Day was ok. IPPT! First time i run 9.26, but still can't jump for nuts. Goodbye early next bookout.

Apart from that, my room is collecting dust...
Some marathon pics:

mingsheng vs the duck tours

auntie irene + sandy clone boat

Saturday, February 02, 2008

why does the caged bird sing?

I don't want to lead an army life,
I just want to lead a simple life,
OC please let me go,
PC say nonono,
Mummy I want to go ho~me.

6 weeks to go...
where I'm headed to?
I'm not too sure myself.