Tuesday, February 20, 2018

End of Contract and back in Florida


My contract with Nparks finally ended last week. Was sad to leave. I admit i've grown quite attached to the people and the place and it was a good working environment. Its funny how just 8 months back i was dreading the start of work but now i actually think its fine. Juggling the demands of full time sport and work was not easy however and with the few days of leave i had i really felt much more alert and rested as compared to days where i start at 7am and end at 7pm.

Still i am grateful for the opportunity but now i have to put my soul into trying to win a slot at the asian games in august.

Testing results from the past week show that my fitness is at an acceptable level and strength is pretty ok as well. Will have to really focus on the technique and bring out my best in the coming weeks as there is alot of improvement to be made. The other guys look in very good shape at the moment and i will also have to step up my game now that i can get a proper rest during the day between sessions.

Hope things will be fine. They always are in the end.

On a side note, my tiny crypto trading on the side is doing well. Ive noticed some flaws in my trading process but i will learn with time. Emotions are a real thing when you put out your hard earned money on the line haha! I never thought it would affect me but i've made my fair share of bad calls. I guess there's no way to learn except the hard way in this line of work.

Will post a photo in due time. Im making sure to document this trip better than the previous time.
till then,