Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pencil, paper and patience(PPP).

It's been awhile since i used the pencil for something constructive, so please forgive me for the vandalism of these 2 people. Guess who? hahaha. Brian's water colour painting pwns all!! I'll keep coach's farewell gift under wraps for the time being.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Class BBQ later. Where is yong ann park? The thing about going to a school on the opposite side of the world is that travelling is a real pain especially when they have parties like this.

Today's paddling was some riding programme i screwed up. Once i find out which moron shouted my name to go with lucas' pack, i'll kill him. I nearly died with lucas and wengngai today, lucky only 8km. They have to wait for me even. Sorry!

Looks like it's confirmed. Coach is gonna be leaving us after SEA games to start work with the Greeks. Apart from that, so is Mr See, quite sad. These 2 men really made a huge impact on me over these short few years. One introduced me the tricks of the trade. The other thought me even more tricks of the trade. They even looked after my academic stuff sometimes. It's gonna be quite weird without them around.
Mr See Teck Hock( SEA games K2- Silver)

Tosko ( World Championships 10km C2- Bronze)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Not everything is what it seems

Peck's been over my place a few days. Got this from him. (Look sideways)
Haven't been doing much recently. Just paddle in the morning, play abit in the afternoon and sleep the rest. Training is pretty much killing me though it's supposed to be easy. There's still quite a long way to go before i reach July form.

Prom's coming too, need to get some clothes. Hope it won't cost too much...

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Hi. It's been awhile ya? It's been a rough road these past 7 to 8 weeks. Daily revision makes up about half the day(which i know compared to alot of people isn't really alot). Exams went ok i guess, I can't say it was fantastic or anything but the papers i wanted to do well in feels relatively good. Maths was bad but i really really tired lah. Just have to wait till Jan 7 to see how things go. Then army....crap...

Past 7 ++ weeks was quite stressful. First of all sir threatened to drag me home if he see me at macritchie. Then lucas and co. were instructed to call him and tell him if i went down to paddle. So i chickened out of trying...bbbut he had his good intentions to force me to study properly and also let me rest properly for the first time in 6 years. After the exams i realised even staying home to study for 6 weeks to study i still can't compare to alot of people from school who have already finished tys...finished notes....finished consultation doing extra extra and making me feel like shit. I tried damn hard and can only just just finish the tys and go through notes. Can't compare lah, we're on different paths.

The piano became my constant companion though i don't really have the ability to play properly and the music that comes out is more like sounds than anything else. Also spent more time with my dog to ensure he don't try to bite me anymore. The wound, though mostly healed still occasionally aches for reasons unknown to me. Hopefully we can forget that biting incident :)

During exams sitting either infront or behind charlie is friggin stressful cause he'll finish all his papers damn fast and start flipping through to check and i'm not even halfway. He's some genius lah. Thank goodness i made it through relatively fine thanks to the help of my friends, teachers, family and some divine intervention.

Oh yeah. Went to paddle today. I feel like crap now, the body has gone into deep hibernation and waking it up is like the hardest thing in the world to do. All the juniors like suddenly damn fast and i cant keep up. Slowly things will return. Btw Lucas, clifton and brian did us proud with a 3rd,2nd and 3rd positions in junior and senior SEACC in thailand earlier in the month. Fantastic job. Hope they become damn damn fast in the years to come.

Before i end, just like to say. Study hard for those still having exams. The music people and the other alvl people. Almost there, finish well.