Monday, November 26, 2007


Class BBQ later. Where is yong ann park? The thing about going to a school on the opposite side of the world is that travelling is a real pain especially when they have parties like this.

Today's paddling was some riding programme i screwed up. Once i find out which moron shouted my name to go with lucas' pack, i'll kill him. I nearly died with lucas and wengngai today, lucky only 8km. They have to wait for me even. Sorry!

Looks like it's confirmed. Coach is gonna be leaving us after SEA games to start work with the Greeks. Apart from that, so is Mr See, quite sad. These 2 men really made a huge impact on me over these short few years. One introduced me the tricks of the trade. The other thought me even more tricks of the trade. They even looked after my academic stuff sometimes. It's gonna be quite weird without them around.
Mr See Teck Hock( SEA games K2- Silver)

Tosko ( World Championships 10km C2- Bronze)


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