Thursday, September 13, 2007

prelims wk 1

1 week of prelims is draining. 1 more week to go. Yi is complaining about econs 1 together with Physics 1 and 2. HAHA. I complain about Econs 2 and chem 1 and 2 la!!! Econs 2 is three sides of paper to rush in 1 hour followed by another hour of chem and 2hr 15 of structured answers!
7 papers in 3 days + today's english = tired.

Physics 1 was real bad and Chem 2 is damn careless. EL A1 can't tell what's good and what's bad so let's just skip that. Econs is ok so far, as long as didn't off tangent the question. Left with another 6 papers. math123, phsyics3, chem3,econs 3 then finish for now. another months time same thing all over.

And what's this! deepavali got paper somemore! Some global awareness thing the programme trying to promote.


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