Thursday, August 23, 2007


This thing in singapore airport, my mum help in the designing!

Ah, I've some time today before i start my maths. I promised to write about the Czech trip when i got my pics back and so i will now! *Note i wrote all this there just to make sure i don't ever forget. I'll just typed it all out.

Monday 23th July
Reached airport earlier to have dinner with the seniors and some juniors who weren't too busy. Chatter, ate, gave IQ questions. I gave the piss off question Chen yi asked me in class and it stumped them real long. Mum chatted with Lucas' parents, checked in the luggage and sat the uber long flight to Amsterdam. Belle gave me a teddy bear with the singapore attire and Irene gave us some matching caps! Thanks! :P

Tuesday 24th July (Rain/cold/windy)
(The timing from here on is all screwed up because Europe is 6 hrs back)
Bought Woo's magnets at Amsterdam airpot, I'm intending to buy one from every stop i reach so he'll have many many magnets but the time i get back. VAT cost me 3 bucks...TMD...too lazy to go claim. Flew to prague on a 1.5 hr cityhopper flight. French lady came and picked us up from the airport. People here are massive. The driver was a boxer and yeah it's cold and cloudy. Driver crives like a F1 racer. Lucas got scared and put on his safety belt when the car suddenly accelerated when driving through country. Reached Racice sportscentrum. Racice is a small town of less than 1000 people if i'm right. Did our registration and watched the japanese team training in pretty cold weather. South Africa arrive and me,lucas and james start swearing in chinese because they all so big. Lucas kept saying "it's unfair why everyone so big(in chinese)" Left sportcentre and took the shuttlebus to our lodging 10km away in a town called roundnice.
Left our lugguage there and travelled back to the sportscentre for training in evening. did 2km before it got too cold and the water too rough to train. I was freezing cold and my hands were feeling numb from the cold water all over + the strong gust of wind blowing hard against me.
Had dinner at cafe at the lodging which is a soccer hub. Sun set at 10pm, rose at 1am. It's damn bright and cooling.

Wednesday 25th July(Cloudy/cold/windy)
Trained twice. I'm still damn intimidated but the sheer size of people around me. K2 in the morning and K1 in the afternoon. More teams starting to arrive and starting to get used to the weather though it's freaking cold. Can't communicate with anyone for nuts. Culture shock.Food is really really nice, potatoes and meat for dinner and pasta for lunch, not to mention the pastry.
Didn't do much inbetween trainings. Spent alot of time just listening to music, watching people train or walking to the Slalom course near the "hotel" and watching the people train. Japs said hi to us, local soccer dudes training at the "hotel" thought we were jap. Can't blame them, who's ever heard of Singapore?


To be continued some other time...


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