Tuesday, July 31, 2007

back home.

Hello, i'm finally back home. It's been a long exciting week of international competition. The weather there is really cold (16-20) on some days, nice and warm on some and very wet and windy on others. I did my best there, and I've finally seen what the real world of sports is like. The guys are "real men", the women are...well...err...damn...big...also. Bigger than me, stronger than me, faster than me, fitter than me. Scary.

Ok...anyway like i was saying we tried our best. Results i think most people expected, we occupied the bottom 2 placings most of the time.

K1 500: 1.53.345 (heats), 1.55.475 (semis)
K2 1000: 3.38.796(heats)-(PB)
K2 500: 1.44.926(heats)

Even though we didn't make the k2 semis which was our aim, we did do a PB for k2 1000m making it an official record. The k2 500 was a weird one. 1st out of the blocks and led for 10secs before the rest just totally destroyed us. K2 1000 we fought with VEN all the way, losing only at the ending 50m. K1 500 i was lucky enough to make the semi finals with 36 boats out of 39 remaining. I'm super grateful just to get into the semis acutally. I started out too hard and didn't leave enough to finish strong like the heats. I have learnt quite alot throught this race and hopefully will be able to do better some other time.

The speed of the leaders are just amazing. I had the privilege to race right beside the hungarians for the k2 1000 and South africa in the k2 500. When they start out of the starting blocks, they just blasted their way to the front and if you have seen the timings on the net, their split timing is crazy fast. Not only that, they hold that starting speed all the way to the end, with a slower rotation than the start when they go into maintainance.

Hopefully, I'll get to go for more races like this and hopefully i will at least be on the average line by then. Thanks again for the support people. We will perservere. This is our resolve.

compare this guy with me(he's not the biggest)


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