Friday, July 20, 2007

pon school?

2nd of 3 events starts tomorrow morning and ends in the afternoon at 4. I just saw the start list and it's gonna be interesting heats and finals with the fastest K2 pairing of 2006. They barely lost to vietnam at the china world cup. Lucas, the first of the real test starts tommorrow. Lining up right besides them in the heats with only one direct final slot available.


Missed quite abit of lessons this week when my training plan started to take shape. Econs teacher screw me, maths teacher was understanding but i don't want to piss her off. Train in the morning the whole week and then try to chiong to school and being very very late most of the time. Teacher slowing down lessons for me also...

I'm sorry class, please understand.

Departing on monday night at 1045pm. Come see us off :P Flying KLM to amsterdam for 13hrs. transit there for 2hrs before taking the next flight which is 1.5 hrs long over to prague. Think it's gonna be torturously long and luckily we won't have much jet lag flying backwards in the time zones. Returning on the 30th. This time transit in Paris. Much jet lag expected.

So many things to do. I haven't packed. Need to get the spray covers, paddle bags, collect racing attire, change euros. Exciting! Anyone knows what prague's famous for? I'll try bring some stuff back home. Of course the main thing is the championships. Whatever happens, we will do our best.

Time to sleep and rest for tomorrow's races. Goodluck & godbless.
So many times,
It ends in awkward silence


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