Thursday, July 12, 2007

School's nats

Today concludes 3 days of competition. It's a rough few days, hot sunny tuesday, wet cold wednesday and windy windy thursday. Many boats suffering the problem of direction and the sudden huge decrease in the number of bouys. Quite afew DQs due to lane drifting. It's amazing how people change in 3 months. People get faster, people get stronger.

It's the first competition held at bedok reservoir and the conditions are really rough as compared to macritchie and i admit i did have my problems there as well. Tuesday's heats was a nonsense race. Wednesday's semis were alot better and today? Today was a true show of self destruction at the starting line. Maybe it's stress, maybe it's conditions, but mainly i think i'm not mature enough as a paddler to be able to bring out my full potential when it really really matters. I am not a samuel....i lack the "On demand" performance. False started once today and it really made me go into safety first mode. The reckless nature required just disappeared after the first warning.But i'm still happy i made it through relatively well. 1 step at a time, things will find their way somehow. AC did well as a team too.

C division- Silver
B division- Gold
A division- Bronze

Guys you really did well. Congrats.

Now that the school's nationals are over, people are going to start to break away now, going into full time mugger mode. Some faces i wish i could meet, some i know only by name. All the best in whatever you do.

To ACS (I), it's been a wonderful 6 years serving this team. From my sec1 T1 1000m semi knockout in kallang to what i am now, you people have seen me all the way. Mr ismail, Mr see, mr lim 1 and mr lim 2, mr chin the new teachers incharge i haven't really gotten to know, my super uber juniors i see ever so seldom. The seniors i meet every once in a while. You mean the world to me.

Lucas and wengngai, I'll be REALLY leaving this time. I think you people also see me until sian already, the A division belongs to you guys now. Keep it safe, make it strong. The effort put in will grow and it will eventually show. And you people better not be playing cards all the time or i'll screw you when i return. Especially clifton!

Next up! National Canoe Championships k2 1000 @ the very safe sheltered Macritchie! It's not over just yet!


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