Wednesday, July 04, 2007

olympic dreams

I got tommorrow off from school!! Woooo! Okay, no big deal because i don't have to sit for geog or music. HAHAHA Yi, woo, fats and ame all must go school :P Still must chiong maths for the "last" paper on friday. Have to make up Maths 1 and Lit 2 some other time because of food poisoning again last thursday-monday. Must be that pear i had after dinner.
Moving boats will be friday evening at 7pm. Gonna move to school first to meet up with the other half of the crew that left for kallang a few weeks back before we tow everything to bedok on sat morning at one shot. It's a weird plan, but we have our reasons.

Also attended the closing ceremony of the National Stadium. After afew kallang waves and a long "legends" soccer match, we finally get to see the aussies. Then just when things start getting nice with the shots on target, they grab all of us and place us at gate 2 and we missed 2 goals. Took the opportunity to take photo with our ONLY olympic medallist. See his forearms are still bigger than mine! I think he can lift me up and throw me away without breaking sweat :D

Did the march pass in the dark which was quite weird but nemind. The view is amazing from the ground when the stadium is fully packed. The continuous roars, the random flickering lights of cameras, the booming music from the speakers and of course waving the little singapore flag. It's an amazing feeling. After that we had time to just walk around the stadium and take some pictures.

Pictures like this show how freaking tall lucas is. And see the small flags? I waved it until my hand tired hahaha. Lucas went around sticking extra flags in people's pockets without tell them too!!! We saved ryan from this evil lucas. Sneaky sneaky...

Oh yeah, me and fats went for the giant yankee on the last week of hols before catching jeremy monteiro's concert. We shared one but he got pwned by it 1/4 of the way. So i happily finished it for him with assistance from tim :D Never felt so happy after a meal before. The burger is a monster of a meal. Lucky we shared it.


Should've waited alittle longer, bad timing on my part


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