Sunday, July 22, 2007

last post before i leave.

Wah i'm here again since i can't post tmr before i leave. I'm too excited lah, leaving tomorrow and need some place to dump all the emotions. NCC is over! we've a new national record for k2 500m now which was set by ryan/bill at 1.38. Congrats! to the both of you. I'm praying hard for the nominations to get through with that time.

Met samuel and jori too. Jori is still the same, not much changes. Sam seems ok yet i constantly sense sorrow luring in him. I can't say i know exactly what he's feeling but if you need to talk, we're always around. Stay strong man. Take care.

I finally have my scf jacket, given joseph(big) the photos, collected my attire, collected the spray covers, paddle bags, started packing somewhat, still trying to finish my work before i leave though. Eh juniors T1 at 845pm ah!!! hope to see you guys there before we go :) I'll go early just to walk around the airport. And yes, juniors! I think it's time i step down as junior captain. Someone else has to take over soon. We should elect when we're back!!!This is the climax of the year, let's give them a run for their money!

Good bye & No Regrets!

God, guide me through my trials,
give me strength to move on,
give me direction and purpose,
Your will is absolute,
and though somethings I will never be able to comprehend,
I leave everything in your hands.


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