Tuesday, August 28, 2007

school ending soon.

How fast have the days past in recent weeks. Now my friends, old and new, from the small boys i've known since sec 1 to the not so small boys and the elegant ladies who joined in j1 & 2, school is coming to an end real soon. 3 real days left and that's it. Prelims, mass review and we're on our own till the diploma. Then what lies ahead for all of us, only time has the answer. I'm thankful for every single one of you and there's no way to express how i feel. Whatever happens, our paths will cross again and again. But till then STUDY!!!
Ok now i shall finish the rest of my story.

Thursday 26th July 07 (Sunny/warm)
Did 1 training today, things are starting to feel like it should. Had the opening ceremony, Flag march past, ICF flag raising, czech flag raising, preformances and but home to eat and rest. Big day is coming and I want a good result. My first real major international and probably my only as a junior since me and john didn't make the cut for ACC, SEA games trials back in '05.
Friday 27th July 07 (sunny/windy)
We already know the results

Saturday 28th July 07 (cloudy)
1k finals,semis. All super fast.
k1 1000- 330
K2 1000- 320
K4 1000- 256
Japan ladies made FA. SUPER fast. Iran even faster. New Zealand double 3rd in k1 M and W.
Sunday 29th July 07(sunny)
Thank god it's sunny and warm! Lost to Japan's WADA kyohei. He's good. He's a class above me. Lots of things to learn when i get back. He's the guy looking at the camera.
Watched finals, ate nice chocolate pancakes after race. amazing races.
Monday 30th July 07(heavy rain)
Went back to Prague and explored the city on foot. Walked maybe 8-10km that morning. Found a tourist site. Think it's charles bridge? Nice painting. More magnets, crowded with koreans on holiday. Met Japan team at airport. Met mexico at airport. Met argentina at airport on 3 separate occassions. Flight to Paris, rushed to board next flight back to Singapore.

Tuesday Singapore.
Freaking warm...%$#@!


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