Thursday, October 11, 2007


Last PC today. It's kind of sad that we'll be leaving school soon. Mdm J.woo bought us each a book which is wrapped up and randomised so what we get is what God wants us to get. Mr chiew bought us some cakes and we took photos :) Also realised our class fish is dead. Nevermind, it was fun to watch when it was alive....Took photo with xinling and brandon also. It's one of those full circle things, last year we forced him to take one with us and now at least he lets us take a photo with him without as much resistance. ahahaha. PLS send me when possible!

Got back report books. 37 with bonus. Still a long way to go. Should have scored 3 points more if my chem,physics and econs didnt miss the 7 boundary by that tiny bit. Been pumping math knowledge into my brain for 3 weeks now. Got to get that 7 also!!! Predicted 3 bonus which i'm grateful for. Have to keep working for the 40 raw score. I know we all can.

I know this might sound quite surreal but the postman sent the enlistment letter today and my DOG CHEWED it up! Managed to make out BMT school 2, 2pm and 9th jan. Marcus also got it. Looks like another 2 years with him! Nice!

Keep working hard,
The finish line is near!


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