Saturday, September 30, 2006


2 days to promo. Can't say i'm well prepared. But i'm doing all i can. Just have to keep fighting and pray. Avoiding con. camp in november is first priority.

Guide me through my trials.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Love is powerful. It can drive people to do the weirdest things. It can drive people to do unthinkable things. It's something everyone cannot do without. It's one of those unexplained things of this world, one of those things that actually make life worth living.

All that philosophy lessons are getting to me. :x

I was thinking about "what if everything was planned to take place at that very place at that very time". Life to me is definitely not worth its while if everything is already planned out. Some people refer to it as fate, others, predestination. This somehow led me to the topic on love. If everything really was planned out, your partner was probably destined to meet you from the start. And it just so happens that your partner has all the necessary elements to trigger certain reactions in your brain to get you to make her/him yours.

That's really sad if you look at it this way. If love was just that certain quantities of the right solutions of chemicals mixed together at the right time, everything you say and do accounts to nothing more than chemisty and maths in the natural world. (hope i didnt lose anyone here)

I questioned certain things about life till i sat down after training and asked annabelle and dom what they thought about it. I mean being older and a couple they should know better. I explained certain things then just waited for their opinions. And i have to say most of the things they said were'nt exactly concrete, as in it's disputable if you take another point of view. That was till belle said " the chemicals and all do come into play which affects you but something must have caused it to be released in the first place. And it is this something which can't be explained."

It is debatable still. BUT but but even if it was predestined that you would meet your partner at this certain time, place and had all the elements necessary, still something must have sparked it and made you actually take notice in the first place. And this something is something i have utterly no idea what the %$#@! it is.hahaha.

ok nevermind it isn't a very solid argument...

Moral of story is don't take philosophy. After awhile it does things to you.

Friday, September 22, 2006


got sz colours at SAJC. decided to follow choo due to my lack of knowledge of the area. Next time i'll just go myself lah. :P

managed to get a sort of tour around the ground level but some SA people whom i didnt catch the names of. The first thing is the SA people in the canteen talking abt my tie. YES i know its damn weird! but i cant do anything about it..


I guess people don't know that acs(i) is 6 form school ready.

everything else was pretty normal. found jori along the way. There's people with 6,7 awards...these are the real sportspeople. More dedicated and talented than me definitely. Must keep working hard. guest was prof c. kunalan i think. cant spell his name. He's a great speaker and funny too. Best sz award speaker i've heard. Went upstage down stage and then the reception!!! :)

decided to attempt walking home since its actually quite near kallang area. Walked with jori since he stays around there too. took real long and my bag's heavy...but managed to reach home.

very interesting day....

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


interesting facts:
  1. You're born with 300 bones, but by the time you become an adult, you only have 206
  2. There are more bacteria in the average person's mouth than there are people on the planet.
  3. The three richest people in the world own assets that exceed the *combined* gross domestic products of the world's poorest 48 countries.
  4. The average bed is home to over 6 billion dust mites.(gg!!!)
  5. There are more than 1,000 chemicals in a cup of coffee.
  6. The last person shot in WWI was a Chinese worker who was killed for "insubordination" while cleaning up a battle area.
  7. The life of a professional soccer player may seem glamorous, but there is a price to pay: nearly half of them will develop osteoarthritis at a young age, averaging around 40 years old.
  8. Work tends to expand to fill the time allotted to it.

hahaha. random nonsense...

Sunday, September 17, 2006


I slept the whole day. grrr...later gotta study late. Must finish up my econs today and do some el and chinese practise and i'm done for the day. Had a relatively ok training in the morning 2 sets of 2k time trials. Was pushing quite hard for both and trying to formulate a race plan for 1000m which i don't exactly have. Normally its just follow the first guy and whack the end. Conditions were very good...no wind,not much waves, little stress + short of 50m for the 2k. should have got a better time. anyway what i clocked is good enough for me now since its study time.

Still swinging and throwing my left stroke which hasn't improved much since NCC. have to work on that+ other mistakes. So much to do. :[

watched the women's k1 1000 world champs video and of course the men's.

They are nuts.

ok...back to work...

Friday, September 15, 2006

i feel it.

Found out i got South Zone colours and Nat colours. I need a blazer, which i don't have....


Tim brabrants the olympic k1 1000 5th is a doctor! Wow...Hopefully i can achieve something like that someday. Inspiration. Great picture from athens.

Its been 2 days of study and no training and my second training session of the week is complete. somehow when u train every single day of the week, having 2 days off means i'm so damn free! can study, slack,watch tv,things i havent done since i first joined the nat team about 11 months ago. It feels good...

for awhile...

then i realise my life has no meaning doing this utter random nonsense. what does watching tv do to improve yourself? slacking? NOTHING! Not that its nonsense, actually it's good to indulge in this every once in awhile, a break is always good. But what will doing utterly nothing do for me? I'd rather be working my lungs out and keeping myself fit than grow fat and die of a heartattack or something.

I feel like rowing again. The feeling is back! i've been waiting for this for a long time now and as predicted it is back. But first have to get my 39/42 points and total destroy the promos first then can get back to serious preparation of world juniors. I'm not going to be beaten by european girls! i have my pride.

I will fly. I must.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Talking about dreams man...recently been having those dreams again. Nice yet might never be reality.Anyway just remembered this statement by mr see.

" In theVASTNESS of space and time.....

I end up here...."

And yet he always says, "If i could go back and do my life all over....

"I wouldn't have it any other way"

While doing maths...i realised this. Nomore regrets. I live for my dream.

(Maths does things to you to realise such things :D)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

IR cam.

Discussed a training schedule for the exam period. No total stop but at least there's a compromise. I wanted a total stop but i guess this will do. Tuesday, friday, saturday, sunday for the next 2 weeks. Week before exam is pending situation.

My dad bought an IR camera. can take shots in total darkness. Quite cool, but doubt i'll get to use it much.

Friday, September 08, 2006

2 fun days

Went to study yesterday with bo,junyi,xy,jori,sam,feng and ryan. getting a hang of lines and planes. thanks jun yi! That was 3-4 hours of straight maths with alittle bit of comedy here and there from ryan and bo.(shooting the cans with and falling off the chair) Decided to go for dinner after that. Had KFC and rushed to somehow watch the devil wears prada. Not too bad actually.

By the time everything ended was about 930 and i'm sleepy. couldnt orientate myself after coming out of the cinema and somehow made my way home from lido.

Ah yes. night cycled at east coast park on wednesday night. took out my dad's dunno how old racer, spent awhile pumping up the wheels checking the brakes adjusting the wheels and there you go a road bike good to go. But but but forgot to adjust the seat height and that sort of made my back hurt after awhile.

Cycled from the ecp entrance all the way up to this area just before the golf course. That's about...8-9k? Actually i wanted to go all the way to the airport. But the place was no.1 too dark. No.2 bike got no light etc etc. No.3 I'm on my own in the middle of nowhere... So turned there and headed home. thats another 8-9k. Super tiring but really nice to just be alone once in awhile.

yeah...died for training the next day. I should be stopping for my exams after this week. Promos are more important.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

till we meet again.

Monday, September 04, 2006

mugging dayz being.

Uneventful past 2 days, but really can't do much, down with bad flu and cough. Only highlight was playing with the c1 for like 1 1/2 hours after training.n Finally i can J abit but not good at it. Can go straight for like 4 strokes out of 100...capped 3 times because overj ready dunno wad to do so cap loh.

Today onwards must start my homework and massive revision.

  1. Medea
  2. Chinese Holiday work
  3. Get my EL file in order for submission
  4. Revision

Must get my 40 points!!! Its not impossible. Oh yeah...thanks chen yi for passing me the bible i wanted to borrow for like forever, didn't think anyone would bother getting one for me.

Ryan made final B! 16th at world cup 3. Timing was 159 420. Quite ok lah...he raced lutz altepost! cool. Wonder when they're coming back. Tuesday-wednesday got class chalet. That's why must start studying now then can enjoy abit. But training how? if tosko is back by then i'm gonna be screwed if i go. but i seriously burn out ready need a break from canoeing for awhile.

+ the major exams...


Saturday, September 02, 2006


Last night was probably one of the hardest nights for me. Suddenly everything just broke down and reality just crushed the crap out of me. i imploded basically and it felt real bad. I guess when problems start building up to this level all it needs is abit of time and suddenly everything just snaps. But through this period, I've finally made a choice on my future course of action and my burden is lifted somewhat. For better or for worse i don't know...but i couldnt delay this decision anymore.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Just saw the results from canoe world cup 3. At first i saw ryan chew sin 209!!!! thought what happened to him. but then i realised there was no need to fight because he already qualified.
ryan 500- 203 semi's (8th)

Think everyone made the semi's at least. Improvement i guess. nice one. think the mac course is too short. timings difference is huge.