Monday, April 30, 2007


Mayday hols tmr. Gonna do abit of training, watch spiderman and study chem for the coming test. Doing research on the World junior champs race site. If i can go i'll need all the information i can get to prepare for something so big. SCF already registered 3 slots and hopefully i can hold one? Nothing is confirmed till the trials.

Racice race course:

Beautiful place yah? One of the reasons i want to go europe and study(BIGGGGGG IF...i'm not very smart ya? hahaha)...Temperature is probably like near zero in the early mornings and evenings. Gonna freeze to death!

Zeke takes on the world!!!! hahahahahhaha....

"To succeed... you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you." - Tony Dorsett

I should move. Not much time remaining before...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Change The World

If I can reach the stars,
Pull one down to you,
Shine it on my heart
So you could see the truth:

That this love I have inside
Is everything that it seems.
But for now I find
It's only in my dreams.

I can change the world,
I will be the sunlight in your universe.
You would think my love was really something good,
Baby if I could change the world.

And if I could be king,
Even for a day,
I'd take you as my queen;
I'd have it no other way.

And our love would rule
This kingdom we had made.
Till then I'd be a fool,
Wishing for the day...

That I can change the world,
I would be the sunlight in your universe.
You would think my love was really something good,
Baby if I could change the world.
Baby if I could change the world.

I could change the world,
I would be the sunlight in your universe.
You would think my love was really something good,
Baby if I could change the world.
Baby if I could change the world.
Baby if I could change the world.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Tiger the koi of gethsemane

Hey hey!!!
Pretty eventful week this is, are, was, and never ever will be again! Had class CAS where we sold Koi and goldfish to classes and catching catfish out of the pond, econs test, lots of rain, completed physical fitness test, frisbee where i got my specs whacked out of shape, presenting huckfinn,our usual ranting, pleading,begging for break during maths, class photo taking. Fun.

Ok lah...basically its just catching catfish that was fun. The pond is so big and there's this mong-ster catfish(named prehistoric "Fabian") in there which will eat up all the fish we put in. Spent the entire day trying to trap it. We also adopted our own gethsemane pet! Tiger(winnie the pooh one) is its name because its all orange with black stripes. Can see it from the fifth level lah! Nice.
Thanks to everyone who came to buy the koi and goldfish and release it into the pond. Your support is really appreciated!

Shall upload a pic of Tiger once it's printed :] mwahahaha...

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest! But have to study and finish homework so rest shall wait another day. Spent most of my time on international trade and BOP and exchange rate. Small little term test coming but with big consequences. Screw up and I'm gonna be locked up in concentration camp in june holis from 9-5. CANNOT!!! Even the name of the camp gives me the feeling i'll die in there... gased to death...

When i look at some of the theories stated in econs, I feel I can get nobel prize loh. It's just stating the obvious in a very chim way. GC wants me in extra chem lessons during SL2. Byebye free periods to nap and hello chem tys with the most on teacher in school. Nemind, if can get 7pts by attending this i'll go! + all the electrochem work to do later. Nemind!!! Now trying to World lit essay. Ms julie and hedda gabler...

Parents just flew off to enjoy themselves in shanghai if i'm right. I need holiday also...
Think positive people like the smiley stones!

got from lucas( year 5s fooling around with the pond between the blocks)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

bad day

The body is terribly weak.

Bad day...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Andy Mckee - Rylynn - Acoustic Guitar - www.candyrat.com

Andy Mckee - Rylynn

Close your eyes and imagine a place far from here...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Return of the lost generation.

My generation of paddlers all disappeared after '05. They are stronger, faster, fitter than me. Never thought they might fight with me again. Today they gave me hope to believe again. They made me feel part of a team again. Jun yi(if you ever read this), remember I said I never felt I did a good job as '05 captain? I'll give it a shot one more time. I'll try everything I can.

Things are still in planning. But I believe that ACCA can pull through. '05 Sec 4s, you know who you are and we need you in the coming months. Give me some hope. Show me some power! Show me some spirit! IAs, diploma results, they are just pieces of paper that can be earned anytime but what you can get from this team of ours is something abstract, different, intangible. Something you will never get to do again. Your girlfriends...they'll always be there for you. I'm sure they'll support you. Please think it over.
There's gonna be sacrifices and pain and early mornings, but lets do something for ourselves for once! No repeat of '05. One last race as Team ACS-CANOEING. What say you?

Captain '05.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Been feeling quite sick for the past week. The feverish, flu-ish, aching-ish,stomach feels weird, fatigue kind of sick. Also supposed to collect the spex forms form the junior men and after checking through them all, I have concluded acboys cannot follow instructions one! All the screwed up forms are ours! buck up people! It's also probably the hardest thing in the world to ask someone for his/her passport photo...

troublesome spex form...

Today paddle until my left hand die. Changing my stroking and paddle length. I'm bad with new stuff though i get tons of cuts,bruises and blisters when i use things i don't normally use. my hand now is in bad shape. No more paddling this week, poor hand needs a rest. Jori, sean and samuel have also finally entered the realm of the army boys. Have fun!


Need to sleep more, not well...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

VO2 max

Finally math portfolio is out of the way. I better get more than 17/20 for my effort!!!!!Spent a total of some 15 hours on it? Because of things like that my brain stops functioning on school days. VO2 max test was supposed to be today but i somehow recalled it as yesterday, causing the peope at ssc quite abit of trouble to squeeze my test in. Thanks Dom and belle for letting me squeeze in making you people wait longer. sorry!!!!

VO2 max test score wasn't fantastic though, peaked at 54.35 but after averaging i think it's about 53? Elite sportmen have more than 70. Die... Even Mr george chong(chem teacher) got 60. aiyo. Slowly improve it la. Next time i go i must hit 60 at least! I found the testing pretty cool. I got strapped up in some vest with tubes and wires and this face mask with some kind of a fan attached at the mouth piece. I makes some darth vadar noise when i breathe out. cool!hahah. Then they made me keep 60 rpm on a bike and added 500g of weights every 1min 30secs. I lasted about 12.30 which isn't very long...

Spending training working on my stroking now. it's not exactly what i want it to be. apart from that i'm also trying to work on maintaining a cruising 1000m speed as long as possible. Gonna be hard training but i'm up to it. WC final B is the goal of the next 3 months.

"Victory belongs to the most perservering."- Napoleon.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Maths portfolio since morning. Still got 5 parts to go. grrrr. That's what you get if you slack off in IB. If i can sum it up in a sentence, IB is an exam that lasts 730.5 days with no rest because of the fact everything(ok la...most things) counts. Not only that, once you're done with something you take a look at someone else's and you realise you own work "dun hit the bar" and you are suddenly under the pressure to make your's better. Logistic curves ar...you cause me great pain!!!!!

Junior worlds are pushed forward to July 23th onward. I'm eyeing a Final B slot. Last in final B also can...of course this is just an aim la. As long as can get past the first round i'm quite happy. Final B not that easy to get into. Slowest time required to get to semis is 155 already which was my njcc timing and second last in semis is 1.49. Majority of the european juniors are in mid 1. 40s. Quite scary ya? If i paddle like at njcc i probably wont make the second round depending on the heat. Over there also dun have the luxury of using a boat i trained in and row in nice warm conditions like singapore, timings sure drop even slower.

But there's hope, i wasn't really at my peak at njcc, in fact past it because of SICC. Coach says after some 2ks and 3mins trainings i should be able to under 1.50 for 1 set at least. So i think it's possible. Anything below 1.50 before june would be very nice.Got to work harder. 3months more.

Also made time to catch mr bean and 300 with cousins. Mr bean brought back quite abit of memories. Nostalgic feelings of times long gone but not forgotten.Got my NS medical letter too. The internet sign up is REAL bad. I never ever want to do that again!!!!
hmm all I talk about is canoe and work. Amelia is right zeke needs a girl to spice up things! ahhahahaha.
ok nevermind. back to math.

Friday, April 06, 2007


It's been an exciting week so far!Caught up with family members and good food of course. Had dinner with my dad which i hardly see around, Grandma's birthday,coach birthday(same day as grandma's), Lee Suan Yew speaker of the year. Not to mention I've finally received the pictures from SICC, NJCC, Frets guitar concert. Did i mentioned i capped on thurs? Mwahahha at 500m somemore!!!! So far away from land :( It's been a long time since i swam. Funny incident!!!! lucky not many saw hahahahahaha.

Here goes:

Dinner with Family

Frets:Chen Yi rocking away in the new CPA


Got one special pic i really like :]

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia - Spain (live)

Heard this at guitar concert on sat evening. Of course this totally ownz the concert one. It's totally nuts...

Sunday, April 01, 2007


k1 1000m:Gold
K1 500m:Gold

NJCC is over at long last! 2 days of seriously tiring competition, crazy juniors, stress and rain. This year scf decided to follow the olympic and WC format for the races. It's easier to focus but tiring. I went out there with 1 aim and fought well through the races. There's still alot of areas to brush up on for the coming months though. Race plan is one of them. Catching the race pace is another. Coach said he's happy with the top speed. Just got to hold on alittle longer and maybe even better times will follow.Supporters were great! kudos to yun loong's fan club!!!!!! hahahahahaha

What a difference a day makes...