Friday, June 25, 2010

To Hungary and Back again


It's been awhile! Left for Hungary for World Cup 2 in Szeged on the 25th and just go back on the 22nd. Another really long trip to europe. Did pretty okay for the k4 1000m there and was lucky enough to be blessed with an opportunity to race the best in the B finale. Clearly there's alot more work to do..

As for the rest of the races. K2 500 was pretty average, hit 1.44 which is okay? K2 200 wasnt as good as it could be though 38++. But at this level of competition, there's no second chances sooo i think we need to get much much better at it. The japs and chinese really impressed! Met Toshko too! Its been awhile.

After that was 3 weeks of training on the Duna. The last week was probably the best for me :D Got much more used to the difficult messy omg water. haha. Well training was pretty tiring compared to winter, the mornings stretching way into the early afternoons 1-2pmish and evenings going up till 7-8pmish. So it was pretty draining after awhile. Did i mention the sun! Not forgetting the mosquitoes because of the flooding..

We helped build dams!

Also we did a really sick 20km run up the mountain at 4pm in the hot hot HOT sun..so wasnt as fast as i would like to be? 1hr 8 mins up and down to the Vac sign. Well afternoons were like normally filled with ice cream and naps and my postcard writing, chatting. Hope it's not lost in the mail :P Evenings were spent scrabbling with bill and world cup maybe a walk or 2.

On a fun side, we spent one day in Vienna! Visited the main city centre and its attractions and Mozarts workhouse! Pretty place, I'll probably go back there in the future if i have the time and $. And We FINALLY climbed Visegrad!

The kids that paddle there are amazing! i cannot even begin to describe how amazing they are.. i really want to paddle like them!

And all this time i kinda missed being home.