Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ah ma passed away

I finally have some time to write again. 

Well, ah ma passed away on 3 January 15 at 4.55 am. It's still quite a big thing to take in, one moment she was there, next moment she wasn't. We visited her quite often over the weeks leading up to that day and on the 2nd, signs weren't very good. That afternoon we visited her and her limbs were darkening showing signs of heart failure but we didn't think much of it at that time. I went back in the afternoon to do one more training before returning to the hospital for the evening because the doc told us that time was extremely short. We kept ah ma company that night and at 12 midnight my parents told my brother and I to go home to rest in case we were needed the next day. We went home and slept at 1230am. At 4am I heard my parents reach home for a rest and at 4.37am my mum woke me to say we have to go. 

My mum and dad left first, I with my brother about 10' later. By the time all of us reached, ah ma was gone. My 3rd aunt and uncle was there with her all the way and I was alittle too stunned for words. This was the first time I've been so involved in the process of a family member passing. We saw her on her deathbed, the process of moving her and the funeral arrangements all the way to cremation. I don't know how to describe what I felt from seeing the whole process from start to end.

At least she had a very smooth passing. We know she didn't suffer through her last moments. I hope my mum will cheer up soon, she has been rather solemn the past few days after the cremation. Hope things will pick up soon.

We will all meet again some day. See you again ah ma.