Thursday, August 31, 2006


Gosh...tmr is a really busy day. Kallang cleanup cip, Mr see's t-day lunch at taka at 12, training at 4+. That's gonna kill me.This year's celebrations were pretty good compared to the previous years. The trio of karen,dharma and j wong is no more! ok lah. quite nice. and funny. E.lee was godly with her remarks man! i will never forget her geog lessons last year. the videos, the tricks, the comedy, the laughter, and her hopeless complaining (sort of).

Met junyi,bo,caleb,wayne,mx,jason, eugene in school. saw jlo in school the other day too. Had lunch with jason then took a bus with junyi to esplanade to look for scores. Chatted quite abit. Many matters to discuss. but somethings cant be solved just like that i guess. Found this book on national anthems of countries which somehow sounded uber funny at that time. So many people studying there for A's i guess. I'll personally study at home...or i'll not study at all.

Suddenly i remember the lava lamp catalogue sir passed to me when i visited his house. I really feel like getting one soon and just stare at it for hours. It has this calming effect for some reason.

BTW tmr is ryan's heats. 9 am guangzhou time which is the same i think? hope he can get through to semis. Com'on mr handsome! We're rooting for u from singapore lah!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I feel super SICK...i don't want to go school tmr...sir said i look dazed/aimless even these few days. I guess i am in some way. I'm lacking something and i know exactly what it is... Today was AGM. missed it thanks to school... :( no pizza this year. gah. saw jlo in school. same old same old...i should consult him on my combi and the best course of action to achieve my uber good results.

Somehow i dragged myself to mac today. 12km was really good today. must be the flat water and windless conditions with the whole place to myself. I haven't felt this gliding since the timetrials in june holidays when i havent converted boat yet. That was an achievement today. Tosko told me that next year world junior championships has changed venue. Was originally in sydney but for some reason it is now in Czech republic. Which can be a good and a bad thing...if next year no money to send us there for the championships because of seagames...means no race.good thing in that i think the conditions there are better than sydney.

Well...all these are out of my control so i won't worry about it. just gonna train real hard and make sure i will be sent there no matter what.

To the China world cup squad leaving tmr...good luck! Show them we are STRONG.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Gah...think i caught the flu bug...feel like dying now.Hope i can recover soon.Canoe world cup team leaving for shanghai on wednesday i think i should go see them off at the airport. Hope you people can get great results there and make the push for the asian games stronger.

I didn't exactly understand tosko's one touch and go for kayaks. I can imagine it for Canoes but kayaks the weight transferring abit hard to imagine. Watched the World champs 1000m video also. Crazy race...all so fast. 54-147 for first 500m. oh my...

I got a long way to go. Looks like i'm gonna be busy again. Friday got to go cleanup kallang for cas. should be fun...but then must rush to city for mr see's t-day lunch. Class gathering during the holisdays too. + that thing called mugging.busy busy busy. I hope i dun fall sick :(

Sunday, August 27, 2006

still thinking...of..

I have found it! A song to place my sorrows, frustrations, my joys, my soul. + I got the sheet for the solo. (: Gonna pract it like siao till it sounds like the original piece. My soul will go into it gladly...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

thinking of...na...

Teacher's day is coming +++ it's the last 4 days of school then can sleep more! Need to get mr see something and maybe T.chiew,mdm thiru,postman-pat,bc something also. But WHAT!!! postman got cat...should buy his cat some play toy. But it's teacher's day not pets day...haiz...

Need to buy scores also. No nice songs to play on the piano. Maybe will do that while getting their gifts. Eh. .15 people, can we like mass our funds and get them gifts? Contact me if u think its a good idea.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Busy few days trying to finish all my backdated work. My tons of chem practs, chinese movie review...maths...gr. Learnt that jlo got 43 for IB. siao...i also want. Thats...7 7 7 7 6 6 + 3 bonus. lets see...chinese must get 7...maths 7...chem 7...physics 7...el 6...econs 6? then all the other nonsense just do super well and get all 3. Oh man...

Still aching pretty bad from ubin. I'm quite drained of energy to check my strokes which has like become nonsense. even tosko wants to scold me ready. haiz. Must focus. focus...but at least i got a rough idea how to correct myself after what he explained to me just now. Oh yah..got my first income today.YES! all that training does have some rewards...Not intending to spend on anything. i mean my school fees is already a bomb.

T. chiew talked abt love and relationships today for pc. devotion in the morning also got me thinking abit. lets see... he said to treat your wife like your girlfriend because if not you will take her for granted. Learnt about his scandals when he was in uni also...Oww...haha. but he looks like he got a good wife.

Now back to the point. what he said does have some sense actually. Personally i think taking your partner for granted is total wrong. At least i wont...or i hope i wont. hmmm...saw this photo of his wife on their first date. he looks damn happy. haha he should be...anyway...i'm gonna take my time on this. as much time as i need. So bo...no nonsense from u.

he also made uni overseas sound damn nice. Which is what my dad has been telling me also. london seems like a nice place to study apparently. After army if i can i wonder if i'll go...super ex though...but i havent had and bad feedback from people who studied overseas. But singapore is a small place...so must go see the world also right? see how. Wonder if i'll still row then also. 20+ onward is the physical prime and i'll have like at least lets see...got 5 yrs of experience ready. 1 yr of serious hard training... by then if i can come out during army + those few more years maybe abt 8-9 yr of experience. should be ready for racing at highest level possible. + army will probably pump all that fitness needed.

only time will tell.got some pics from WC in hungary.

C4- the REAL canoe.

Nice white water k4 starting.

I wanna race these people one day. wait for me.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Ubin was bad...

Came in third behind nus and weng ngai and lucas. But this race is just nonsense! weng ngai was clear cut leader. both of us missed a bouy and had to return all the way to it and in the process get ourselves flooded and nearly sinking. Weng ngai emptied water. We waited for them because the lead is their's to keep. Suddenly all 3 boats on par. crossing the channel back to pasir ris, the tanker goes by and all 3 of us are suddenly on par again. Nonsense. stupid safety boat kept going in front of us with all that waves already making life damn hard.Sorry samuel for screwing up pretty badly in the first channel and at johor-ubin side.

I just suck.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

ubin and...

Guess what! Race day is tmr! Anyone supporting? Doubt so...
more k4 pics!

Didn't have the best of trainings but i'm here now with 2 paths. Path 1- Just whack/ Path 2: Give up. But path 2 is never an option. So just whack lah. 22km is a long time on the water.

Good luck, god bless, and have fun.


Friday, August 18, 2006


1 session left to Ubin. Mr goh found one spray cover.Thanks! Still need one more...Not even sure if it works on the apache. Need to do my homework later so i can just concentrate on ubin, but the maths investigation damn hard! Hope i can improve on the 10/20 for the last one -.-

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Ok...I feel slightly better today. But have to settle afew things too. Tonight is the only night i can rest properly becos tmr got no school due to the rugby win. Rugby....anyway the lessons were all made up yesterday till 540 so its as good as no holiday and just go to school anyway.

Had a talk from this person named Debbie Lui. She just graduated from IB with 38 points! thats 4.5As equivalent in A levels. Talked abt her time in IB in new zealand. Class size was like 15 cause only 15 people took the course where she studied. I share some sentiments abt the programme which she brought up. Especially the CAS part. NOT the heart of the programme but just something that makes its difficult. Somehow the students overseas can phrase their thesis in such a way it sound damn chim. Gotta to learn that too. Mines crap. Basic thing is time management. Which i think i don't exactly have the discipline to do.

But at least for once i hear that school actually ends around the same time as us. And CCA there ends about 8. about the same time i go home too. 845 ++ something like that. That only means one thing! It is do-able to nat team canoe and study and get fantastic grades and get accepted anywhere for uni. Kinda feeling motivated. Hope it lasts though.I got new aim from now till end of this year.

K1 must be damn fast and get my 36 points at least. 4.5 A's!!! Got time then add on to this new list. later i cram myself up with stuff then i will DIE.

World champs just started. Adam, fouhy, larsen or benko? (1000)
(500) adam, benko or lutz? Who knows...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

save me.

Life's not being good to me in any way whatsoever. Just got news malaysia raised the accomodation fees. 500m events cancelled too. Not going anymore. Not going nowhere. 2nd time already this happened. School's crap. monday 440 end, tuesday 440 end, wednesday 540 end, tmr 440 end. have to look after my health especially now. Ubin is first priority.

my training is in a mess. I'm slow, unfit and not fast in anyway. My left side is a total mess with the rotating seat. Megaton of backlot work to finish. What the heck am i doing with my life. Someone just refocus me please...

I need to trash out all this crap somewhere.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


20- Ubin marathon (22km)
22-26 - Malaysia national canoeing championships (putra)

I'm gonna miss alot of lessons and that's not good. k1 1000m, k2 500m and maybe k2 1000m? Hope i don't screw up. Asking wenyang for pictures was a real good idea. There's this certain few that really can make my day. NCC'05 i think. Feels so long ago now, so long ago...

Megaton of work to do. kinda scewed my IOP and chinese oral. Need to work on my presenting. Still got more work after i finished those. I thought i could rest till i realised i still got

  1. TOK presentation
  2. Chem practs
  3. Physic pract
  4. Chem Qns

Life's tough.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

a picture of you

Finally got The NCC pics!!!

1.33 / 44


Thursday, August 10, 2006


Went round ubin in k1 (white). Pretty enjoyable experience I must say. Until the first and the 2nd last turning.1 round was abt 20.1 km. The weather was great. Sunny, slight wind. Everything was great...till the ferry and the tanker went by. Scared the crap out of me. 1 yr + never row in big waves and those things just freaked me. The whole boat went into the water.

Wind was damn strong at the turning. side wind + those funny waves u cant see. But the Channel between ubin and malaysia was super nice. Must plan my attack for the actually race so that there's enough room for unexpected situations.

Missed afternoon training. Just cannot take it ready. Body won't move. Tmr i bet gonna get scolded by coach. Slept the whole afternoon. now must whack econs IA and my chinese oral. Then the dragonboat thing tmr and my iop which got missed...

Must rush like siao.
Looks like I'm going malaysia for their National Canoe champs after all. The one i'm missing is the world cup in china.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The golden ratio is apparantly the most visually pleasing. Can you imagine that something/someone you find attractive might be all down to this one ratio, down to maths. If everything was really planned and destined from the start of our lives. If everything is just down to maths. How would i know if what i'm feeling is random or some planned thing or just maths?


Ast stayed over. Most of them at least. And was my sis birthday somemore so she how paiseh! ahahahahaha...feels good torturing her mwahhaa.
Dunno what happened to the firework plan so just went to the Ben. shears bridge to catch the fireworks with sis. Eh bo i brought her along ok... i'm a good brother :P hahahaha. Pity i didnt bring the camera.

I have a suggestion. dun use fireworks for the previews then just mass fire them off on national day itself! more awesome? more spectacular! and lasts longer.


Wen yang I want the NCC PICTURES!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

if only.


There's only one chance, it's now or never.
I let it slip, a blessing lost forever...
Regret felt unbearable to take,
It's locked up in my heart, definitely not fake.

All the regrets, the sorrow and the pain,
Hidden from view, I want them slain
Nobody will understand, nobody ever will!
I'm left alone, silent and still.

It fades with age? It fades with time?
But I can still feel it, it ain't a crime.
I can't let it go, unwilling i must say,
But what can i do? Only pray.

Times past, times forever gone,
I can never relive more of those dawns.
A gem placed before me that i wanted to take,
A choice that I didn't make.

Time ever so fleeting, ever so demanding,
It's unaccommadting, I think I'm drowning.
I'm jaded, I'm weary, I've nothing to say.
I force a smile, pretending I'm okay.

Doing my best to keep forging ahead,
This precious memory clings on it isn't dead.

If only...



Saturday, August 05, 2006

sai gan warrior!!!

Today was pretty meaningful and relaxing i guess. Hard a siao training which totally killed me and then went to help sam with his carnival. Seriously lah...us guys can't sell things for nuts. next time got things to sell get the girls to do it.

After that just sat around the beach and watched the waves break against the shore and enjoy the breeze against my face. Srjc was building some sand castle thing. pretty cool. Last time I saw the sea was in malaysia. Much nicer there as there were no tankers etc to screw up the view. just water and water and water and water touching the sky and water and water...Oh yeah...took my uber pro photo of lightning there mwahahahahahah. Got some pics from of the place. And yes. This is a real photo. super lucky.

Yesterday missed half of the musical in school. Had weights till about 710pm. I'll be late even if i rushed so had dinner and watched the second half. Nice job people. new CPA looks fantastic.

I'm sort of using the nelo better now, but my left side is screwed up. that i have to change. Gliding's relatively good. But now...i just need to gain some weight, and fitness and correct my left side, use my legs alot more and i'm ready to take on anyone.

Going for ubin race. hope i will do well for it.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


living off pure hope. Tmr will be THE busiest day of my life. IOP pres, x country after school, training then haven musical till god knows wat time.

and i'm still fine tuning IOP now...Not gonna be in bed till forever... :(


I might die along the way. hahaha. Even if i die...nobody will help me anyway...i'll just drag my body and bury myself then :S Some things in life you're always on you're own.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

someday it will lead me back to u...

I'm being naive again. Nevermind, hope things will work out well. EE presentation didnt go so well...have to prepare more, read up more.

Things left for this week:
  1. x-country
  2. IOP presentation
  3. Econs test
  4. watever else i missed.
zeke...control yourself man.