Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pronutrition! (Nutriasia.com.sg)

The XXVI edition of the South East Asian Games is right around the corner! I've been training up to 12 sessions a week, training about 2-3hrs each session and all that hard work alone isn't enough if the body is not supplied with the right nutrition to repair and rebuild the muscles. Right now to ensure that i do not end up burning out in these final weeks leading up to the games, pronutrition has stepped in to ensure that the Team Singapore Sprint Kayak Team has the necessary support to ensure maximal benefits from trainings in order to bring back outstanding results in November. Currently i've been provided with its GFX 8, NOX pro, glutamine, whey protein and multivitamins and i feel that these supplements together with a good diet will really help with sporting performance. So if you've some time, do check out the link i've posted at the bottom left! Thanks!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

12 days of Jatiluhur


I just returned from jatiluhur after 12 days of pretty tough training. The place was pretty nice, they had great facilities like a huge gym and nice big boat shed. The indonesians were really friendly and they even let us use the nelo boats that are meant for the actual games. The hotel was great. The only thing was that the food was something of concern as quite afew of the team had some form of stomach problem.

I think i had a solid 1 + weeks of training there, did a PB in k1 1000m on the final day of training. Now i just have to keep getting stronger and faster for the remaining weeks and preparation will be perfect for the games!

Hope to be back there soon !