Saturday, June 07, 2014

Training update

Finished National Championships and 2 World Cup races in the past month. Paddling hasn't been going according to plan though. My best on the K1 1000 has been stuck at 4.03 and 200 at 39.97. There's still alot of work to do. The main thing is technique and high percentage endurance which i am lacking and it is costing me valuable time over the last 250m. Hopefully with the extra work i am doing now, in a months time i will be able to clock sub 3.55 timings in K1 and my teamboats will be much better as well.

On a side note, the 3 weeks i spent overseas on the world cup circuit was really good for my mind. It was a really taxing semester and it really helped me to relax and allowed me to find motivation to train hard again. I wont lie, this year there's been alot of motivational issues during training. I think however that i have now overcome it and i will do my best to pull up my performances in the coming weeks.

The world cups were really fun. I enjoy seeing all these people who love racing and paddling so much. Its such a contrast to what it is in the Singaporean kayaking circle. Everyone there really loves it. And they always are wanting to get better. They inspire me and i want to get better too. I want to be surrounded by these type of people.

The accommodation at prague was also amusing. We stayed in some old hotel which probably was a mental hospital or jail in the past. The lower level was renovated but the higher levels were in their original state. Its abit eerie but still everyone had alot of fun there!

Well, I'll be around for afew more weeks and then its back to Hungary for 6 weeks of training and World Championships. Till the next update! Godbless.