Saturday, September 20, 2008


It's one of the very important things in life.
In a telepathic way, it just tells everyone that you are happy.
The days pass faster,
There seems to be a spring in your step.

I haven't really smiled in 9 months.
14 more and everything will be over.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

ACS. homecoming.

I managed to conjure up half a day off to go visit the old school on monday. The place looks the same, there's been afew additions to the canteen...and some of the old faces seem missing. I miss school and being around good friends of many years. The gym has been upgraded and there's some thumb scanning thing to lock the door..... i want to go use leh.

The Cafe uncle still remembers me abit. Apart from that, i managed to go meet up with tieh, t chiew, mr see, pat soo. Mdm jeane woo is on 1 yr off and chirnside was busy with other visitors. Fun thing was meeting CKC rushing up to chinese lessons and who can forget devan! Dunno where VENUsaur went, E.Lee and thiru are damn hard to find... Being the first day school re-open, i don't think it was very good timing to go visit as everyone was busy.

fabian the catfish seems to have retained his dominance as king of the fish pond. It still looks the biggest to me? I wonder how i will appreciate Uni after i get out of this 22 months of NS. Got to learn to treasure...