Sunday, January 20, 2013

1st week of school

Well, still in the holiday mood somewhat..did 3 chapters of readings which isn't much but hopefully I get into the studying mood again with this! Haha abit rusty. On a side note it rained for 2 whole days!! Loving the cool weather :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

start of another semester

Tmr will be the start of another hectic term. The holidays seem to fly by ever so quickly. Reflecting back on the last month of 2012, I'm grateful for passing my math and doing quite well for my finals. I also had really good and enjoyable trainings the whole of December where I worked a lot on my technique and fitness. Also relived good ole times with 4.15 noah gang. Revisited Jeremy and caroline's church for an amazing, heartwarming and thought provoking performance. Also memorable was David 'berdehda' Marc lee and his fail basketball arcade machine. I also had a quiet new year celebration at home with family for a change instead of the usual mass ast or canoeing gatherings. It was indeed a great way to end of 2012. Looking forward to 2013, this year will be packed with adrenaline pumping racing. Starting with seacc in march, acc in sep and sea games where I hope to better my previous result. Studying will take somewhat of a backseat as I will probably only be able to complete 4 modules this whole year as I will take another 6 months off to prepare for the major race in the second half of the year. Will be rather stressful and mind draining to go through the many kilometers and the endless & seemingly impossible trainings. Other than this, I have not many other wants that i can think of at the moment..and when I think of other things that I will want to do this year, I'll add it in at a later date. Now my approach will be more of a one step at a time policy. Let's try not to get too far ahead of ourselves ;) I think this is only the beginning!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Recently I went to peck's place to relive the good ole days when we were still 14-15 and the most important thing to us was to get home after a day of school and just sit back and enjoy a game of halo trial with the mates like pwwe, Tims, mx and fats. We stated playing halo sometime in sec 3 with the free trial version and then to halo pc. 8 years later and with halo 2,3,4,odst and reach released, it was a great way to come together just to have some no nonsense fun. Looking at the game 8years on, the story of halo strikes me in a very different way then when I was 14. Back then it was just about the chief wielding has big ass gun, running around and just demolishing every alien in sight in the name for the sake of humanity. When I play the game now, there are much deeper themes that I take away from the game. Things like how great abilities always come with a price. How cortana being the artificial intelligence was actually more human then many of the humans themselves. Things like how when the words of the prophet which were taken by many as truth were simply lies distorted. The strong bonds of friendship formed between human,ai and spartan. I never noticed all this back then and now when I play through the game again, the story intrigues me and captures my attention. Most of all, halo isn't just a game we play, it was the instrument that brought such different individuals like myself pwwe david tims peck mx fats and even chenyi at some point in time together and it is how we all become such good friends in acs. it will continue define our friendship for many years to come...