Friday, June 30, 2006

nelo revolution

Nelo revolution has started.

I've been waiting for this day for 3 years or so? everyone have their new boats and it was like christmas at mac on thursday. everyone is smiling (:

I've got no boat. nevermind. i'll stick with white till i feel im good enough for nelo.
Mr. see's boat is cool. but so is everyone else's.

youth day celebrations just now. yr 5s crushed teachers 6-0 (give some face lah)
nice job teachers for 2nd half game. 0-0
"zidane"BC was great (: gogogo.

exams next week. Die
my revision is in tatters.

Can't take a div. i'm being restricted. WHAT'S this?!!haha.forget it.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

time flies.

Time really passes real fast...it's been 4 weeks of mass canoeing and little academic. haha. Gotta go finish up my homework and get into revision mood with mid terms around the bend. Today's also the end of the week for "tough cycle 1" and there won't be 2 times a day training for the next 10 weeks or so.

Got a rough idea what i'll be in for the upcoming seacc in thailand. Looks like i'm headed for k2 1000m. maybe if i'm fast enough a k1 but it depends on everyone's performance in the coming weeks. Hope the team i've been training with can attend and test ourselves against the rest of SEAsia.


Tonight's breeze is real cooling. Think i hurt my wrist.
Tomorrow school starts. less of canoe...less of......

I've learnt alot this holidays.
I don't regret much.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

i'm dying.

Tosko's training is going into overdrive and i'm nearing my physical capabilities to keep up. 60k in 3 days with weights and run. I'm dead tired. How much longer can i last?

Still haven't exactly started studying but i should have enough time. Gonna try to finish before the mid terms so i can continue to come down during the exams and not lose the momentum. motivation is disappearing...hope it returns...

Yes bo...i was intending to tell you just that i can't find a good time + i tend to overdrive my brain in such situations.

needa cut my hair. its pissing me off.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It's the last week of the hols...bbq was a great way to mark the fleeting holidays...i think everyone had some fun in some way. I never knew so many knew music, and knew it well.

training today was real tough. think i clocked 20k today + crazy weights. took k2 with ryan for once. I need to catch up on sleep...cant focus.
and i must start my revision properly now...

anyway hope everyone enjoyed last night.

Monday, June 19, 2006


bbq tonight. doing some prep now.

food food food food food...

mum's making curry...i gotta learn to make one of these days...

went for a long walk around my estate last night to clear my mind of certain things...the cooling night breeze helped...but what if...

curry's done...abit concentrated i think...but good enough. It's like 1 damn big pot. but i think they will be able to finish it all if they want to.
I realised my granddad loved the sea and boats. maybe that's why i'm in a water sport though i can safely say i have never taken a single swimming lesson in my life. But can swim relatively ok i think. 0.0

think i got flu


Sunday, June 18, 2006


I guess my investment over the past 2 weeks are starting to take shape. Technique does wonders. Had selection trials for the second time this year and this one is more serious somehow. To think they actually stop others from training just for this. wow.

Now that everything is over, i have to say i surprised myself in many ways these 2 days. Saturday was beautiful. i dare say that's my very very best 1000m in my life. started off relatively slow but had a great finish. finished 2nd for once. clocked personal best (:

today was 500m day. clocked my personal best again. Finals was tough and i have to say i could have done better in some areas of my race but i'm improving and that's all that matters. finished 4th.

After 2 k1 races i was starting to feel tired but went down for k2 anyway. another personal best for k2. but me and sam have to work some things out be4 we can fly.

white was great. she flew real nice for the races and i'm grateful for all the blessings i have received over these 2 days. I've survived and i'm real tired now. I need a good long rest.

BBQ will be a nice way to start...Tmr will be quite eventful.

AC double gold for dragonboat. too bad i had to miss the finals becos i had to rush back for training. But a job well done. keep it up.rushed there after the 1000m trials ended and waited...waited and waited. But it was nice.


Just woke up from a nap. had a crappy dream. feeling real crappy.

orca k1...cool...btw happy father's day.

Friday, June 16, 2006

rainy day.

To those who had to wait for me for MUSE yesterday...I am Sooooo Sorry that you guys had to miss the first 3 songs...
Things weren't going my way on the road.

Muse was rather entertaining. MI theme, Jazz...music is amazing...

Had supper with yanbo,junyi and leon. walked around...had fun at suntec...and ended up eating at esplanade area after one big round of walking. Chatted...ate...chatted...walked...chatted...

Went home at 1am as i had training this morning...would have chatted more if i didn't.

Cleaned up white just now in preparation for tmr's races. Hopefully she will fly tmr. Good luck to all tmr.

BBQ day
BBQ at my place for Nat team people. All invited just need to know a suitable time and day that all can make it. PLS tell me when you'll can so i can plan...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

oh well.

I guess i didn't escape his scolding after all, just that it was delayed by afew hours.

Coach:" I saw you on the water..."
Coach:" I was going to whack those people on land...when i say go home GO HOME!'

Jeremy tempted me lah...wat can i do...
Today wasn't that great. took at least 3 sets to properly warm myself up for the sprints. did 14 sets.lost 3 to warm up. damn.

Saturday and sunday have to prepare properly if i'm to ensure i'm gonna move, or i'll be rusty like this morning. No where in form and i'm totally not fit...chances of qualifying for merit for 1000 also will be quite hard have to whack abit harder that day. I prefer sunday better. at least i have some form for that race.

have to k2 after the k1 trials...and i'm in front...im gonna cos sam to be slow....NOOoooonooonoooo...i rather sit behind...but nemind...just whack...

Tonight there's MUSE have to rush to victoria concert hall after training. hope i dun sleep halfway through like the Qian zhou concert thing.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


to take the risk? or not to take the risk?
i cant decide and im going nuts.
but i know one thing. i will regret if i don't do anything.

Monday, June 12, 2006


its been raining quite abit these days...which is a good thing noting the heat...rained yesterday too. but i'm glad i still went down for training.
finished the programme pretty fast..then decided to hang around for a while.

could have taken a photo...dam wasted my chance.

anyway...after hanging around decided to go home and rest. finished the 11 sessions this week and intensity is going up though very gradually. missed the bus at the bus stop and had to wait damn long. but i dun mind anyway. im pretty free.

my head was in a mess but i think i kinda straighten things out over the past few dayz. today is my rest day. im not gonna think about anything. just gonna sit back and enjoy my book haha.

spent the whole morning on the piano. quite pissing after trying so long and i cant get things right.but improving.
sat and sun got major time trials. it'll decide if im still suitable for the team.im not exactly in top form yet...but should be ok i guess. after that i want to watch the dragonboat races too. so got to journey to bedok after that. havent raced dragonboat for yrs due to my back. june fest will be my comeback (:

hope this week will be as good as last.

some random thing i just made for fun after i got sian of lu xun:

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today's great! Wish it will replay over and over and over.
Got my sg tanktop FINALLY!! It's little gestures like these that keep me going through tough times.

I wont disappoint.

Took the moskito down with yanbo. felt real good. its outdated yes. but its one of my personal favourites. stylish yet fast.

Dragonboat was one heck of a killer. just paddled and paddled and kept going and going...but it was a good crew.some fine tuning and we will fly.
went out for dinner with them all. talked alot. ate alot. thanks for lending me money yosef! :)

Jori is truly the arcade king. got used to the games on the xbox in like 1hr and owned everyone hahaha.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

rainy day.hci tour

trained today and it rained real heavy midway through training. went to eat with wen yang and sam. and they decided to give me a tour of HCI since it was nearby.

Its amazing how a building will make u feel different abt the place. HCI has great facilities and a beautiful environment. makes me regret not going to jc even more now...

it was a bad call, this decision to enter the ib for me. im not enjoying it that much and should have changed when i still had the chance.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

good day

today saw something great. i tried my best ready. now all i can do is leave the rest to god and hope for the best if it's part of his plans things will work out.

hope things will anyway.

Coach said i need to be 190 and apply heck siao lot more power to clock a 140. he told me something today. its a good day today.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Tuesday and its the start of my 11 time training week. dunno wads wrong with me. keep screwing up my long dist. paddling.but i guess i have to bear with my uber slow speed for now since im investing time in stroke correction and taht 60frequency thing.i want to glide more and thats my aim. for every stroke i want to travel a longer distance. so i hope its a good investment to make now.

maybe i have to play around with my config again. just switched to a longer paddle too. to help with the longer pull etc. i need more power! bleh. and more kick. yes anyway in a few hours i will be back at mac paddling again. water time is important i guess if i wanna improve.

yesterday chatted with choo abt team stuff. lets see...i have rowed in races with 5 partners over 5 yrs. somehow they keep changing.but it doesnt matter, they are great people.
1- Bose
2-jun yi
4-weng ngai
5- jeremy
3js, 1w n a b.

let me put some pics.(btw im doing this cos jeremy wants...and i dun mind since i got nice pics)


Jeremy( Mr No.1)

hey hey this pic again! (: junyi (another powerhouse)

Capt. Lam WN( better sell me the pitcher plant!)

and yes, the ever opportunistic kar yoen bose.... O.O

and yes i saw lucas' gundam video and lightsaber video. FANTASTIC work with the effects! It's found under link section "gundam video" go see it's a great piece of art.

Monday, June 05, 2006

venus fly trap

My mum bought a venus fly trap afew days ago.
I find it really really cool for some reason. It's like the first time my dad brough home an arowana which was 9cm long and we reared it till it was 30 +? then it had to jump into the drain just when the new tank arrive and it died-ed SOOOooooo sad...

If u see carefully ar... theres a few flies in the traps. but it didnt catch them itself. we put it in :) just to see wad happens. haha. but cool lah... the fly's getting digested at this very moment!

Now my mum wants to get a pitcher plant to deal with the flies. gonna ask weng ngai if he got any left from his breeding course thing. can sell me cheap? pitchers are expensive stuff. If only he leaves his hp on...then it would be ALOT easier to contact him and ask about it.

Actually ar...macritchie also got leh...go there and snip abit...haha...no lah...


at night its stil 34 degrees at my place... siao lah... day time sure die ! especially me since im under the sun the whole time.

back to the point. why my place got so man flies. FIRST and only reason! there's my sis dog. looks innocent but he's really naughty. i call him fat-dog. but he has another name. U see i only like small dogs. Big ones like this really get on my nerves after awhile.

must get that pitcher to remove the fly threat!

Weng ngai give me discount....

Sunday, June 04, 2006


First time in forever i dun have to train in the afternoon also. YES! haha can slack. Today was that 8k row again. It was alot (alot as in ALOT) better than yesterday's one. I feel better today actually. at least i dun cough when i row.

Coach didnt say much again. but i guess it will take some time. Mr goh said he thinks my strokes are ok. just need more muscle and get my health back on track.

Dboated at kallang. its unusually crowded still? dboat seems to be an in-sport now. Its super slack compared to the AC one. but ne-mind. i think we train enough already.Coach was uber happy lah. anything with one side paddles he loves (loves as in LOVES). i can feel his passion for one sided paddles (: his face just suddenly lights up at the mention of it. maybe thats why he reached the world champs bronze.

Tmr no training ! can rest properly and regain all the energy lost.
technically my season's over ready. finished the njcc and schools' nats where i got pulled into the b' div again for some reason. trust me i rather row against people my age.

So theres no pressure on me now till NCC. can focus solely on technique correction and make every single stroke effective to the point i can do coach's 60 frequency and clock a 9 ++ for 2k. thats my aim for now.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

new coach new ideas

Rough past few dayz.

after 6months without a coach one finally arrives. not something i expected to say the least. transition is gonna be hard and some are already feeling the pressure.

dunno how to spell his name but anyway he wants us to call him coach. still feeling like crap the past few dayz. flu isnt my thing. been finishing way behind everyone for those 8k sets coach makes us do. But i'm not well so what the heck.

I'm not a fan of long paddling too...but who am i to say anything.just have to learn and improve.

on a lighter note. .15 camp finally ends today. its been awhile since timz and co. came over to stay and just chat and etc. had a fun few dayz though im half dead from training already.

Tims helped me get though pics from my phone onto my com !! :)
They're quite random but nemind! nice to see can liao! :)

random pic of mum's car.

Apollo 70 unwrapping

The day i walked home from esplanade