Tuesday, March 27, 2012

recovery is a slow process

Grandma has been staying with uncles for a week now. When she came back to get stuff she looked alot more cheerful! She's not seeing things anymore but she's still hearing things. I think the effects of the change in mess due to wrong diagnosis is finally starting to wear off and she is becoming more and more like herself again. I hope she gets well soon!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Won my first k1 500m since 2007. Feels good to beat strong opponents :)

the rat race

I always say I never want to run the rat race. To end up in a cubicle in a big building doing work for higher ups I have no feelings for and fighting with 20 or more colleagues for that valuable promotion. And the work I do becomes a product I barely understand that goes into someone's hand which they dont even like in the first place. To wait every month for that pay check so that I can carry on my life. I feel that that kind of life is sad and meaningless... Yet society has this thing of making everyone become the same. And I don't really want to be what society wants me to be. I believe this happens in university too.. And in uni I'm slowly starting to conform into the 'normal' life of a Singaporean student by mugging constantly and doing everything to get the grades. Sometimes I don't enjoy learning as much as I did in sem 1 when I screwed up my CAP but I actually learnt stuff that I remember till now.... Does that mean I'll end up running the rat race?

Thursday, March 08, 2012


Grandma's hallucinations are getting worse. My dad said she got all excited around 12 noon because my sis came home with flowers at the gate. The problem is, my sister just left for australia for 2 years study and is not back! And she just claimed she saw a man lying in the garden. Her condition is getting bad quite fast and I dunno what to make of it. She's quite frightened by the hallucinations...

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Public Finance

I think i'm losing faith in governance after this course...

everything in the textbook says self interest!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

post exams

Wow, what a week. Many long hours stuck in books after books and then to papers and more papers. I hope the time was worth it. Grandma is hearing voices again. Doc said it's early stage schizophrenia and I believe it's linked to her ear infection. Musical ear syndrome?? I told her she has to learn to shut out the voices because they aren't real and she should go out more and do stuff so her mind is active. I hope she listens to my advice, its still early and can be dealt with before it becomes worse. Anyway I look forward to a good rest before I resume the crazy schedule of paddling and studying.