Wednesday, May 16, 2018

End of asian games selections


Just wanted to write about the past month's training camp in szeged. The trainings were pretty good and I could feel myself getting stronger and faster with each week that went by. I got more confident with the weather and conditions too and I felt good. On the third week I came down with stomach issues that persisted for 4 days and when I returned to training I felt abit weaker and didn't have good appetite. Also had a fall during soccer training and my ankle was abit hurt. Still I tried my best for the selections and was doing well till the last 250m. Felt a sudden loss of power and confidence at that point and started falling back very suddenly. In the end I ended in fourth and didn't make it for the k2 1000m at asian games. 

I was pretty disappointed but I tried to keep myself in the zone to prepare for the 500 that could still be good. I felt I controlled my emotions much better this year than last year and went into the race giving myself a chance at doing well. I started well again but at the last 200 lucas pulled ahead again as I lost speed through the finish. That is where I have to focus on in the future. Still, I felt it was a decent set in 1.47.8. It was far from the best two guys but I feel I can do alittle better still.

Just returned to singapore now and am on a short break from paddling so that I can recharge myself. Will be back and pushing for faster times in the future! I am proud of where I've come to since the last asian games.

Hope things will work out In time. Till then,