Wednesday, May 30, 2007

James Morrison - You give me something

Kinda strikes a chord somewhere deep down.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Crap manager

Today i realise i make a horrible team manager. Can't seem to get anything done right. Registered our dragon in some weird event for saturday PA paddle champs. So many rules and regulations, criteria and all sort of other nonsense.

Too late to change anything, just gotta row our best.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

dog bite 2

I think when i'm older i'm never gonna keep a dog(esp. retrievers). Why? Cause my dog just bit me again. This time he decided to go deep. Moron!!!!!! He punctured a hole in my pants even...
Ouch. Pain aarrr.
Some luck i have.

Anyway screw the dog. Rugby lost,tennis lost,badminton lost,hockey lost, and softball lost.
Quite sad.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

asthmatic interesting day.

Feeling kind of asthmatic the past few days. The coughing during training is getting kind of bad
:( Today was an interesting day....Now that the tests are over, i've been trying hard to go see the new year 6, 5 dragonboaters do their training. It's harder for them to learn actually because of the age and the horrible school ending time but we'll succeed despite. The feel of the school gym, the smell of the hated track and the mirror flat swimming pool water we pool row in and cause the swimmers great pain...its still fresh in my mind even though its almost 2 years since i've actually trained with the school team already. Trying hard to stay with my roots even though i'm starting to drift away.

Trying to register them for the june 2nd race at bedok reservoir, giving them some race experience would benefit them. They got a long way, but we have to work with what we have even if they aren't the fittest people on the planet. hahaha. Work hard guys! I think i make a good coach after sort of coaching them through weights. hahahaha. Coach Qiang!!!

Ms Chock is right, the feeling that we are leaving in half a year's time hasn't really hit us yet. Many of the guys have known each other nearly 12 years now, from the time food ranged in the cents to the awkward farewell chapel in '05 when we didn't leave, till now. Others like me join in the ranks somewhere along the line but had so much fun...not forgetting the new girls that dared to try our crazy idea for 2 years. It'll be a bittersweet day, that last day of school this year. I yearn for it yet don't want it to come at the same time... I'm probably gonna stay late and watch the sunset over the school 1 more time before i leave.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rie Fu - Life Is Like a Boat

Bleach end song! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Well, that concludes women's champs. Pretty interesting results for some races. I'm sunburn already lah.Freaking tan. One whole entire sunday just standing around, weighing boats and timing races. If I'm damn kaobei at the control area...sorry...but no choice lah. Rules and regulations have to be followed and even if i know the boat probably weighs alot more than it should i still have to weigh it for formality sake. Well congrats to the people who did well! Keep working hard!

As for me, 2 more weeks of freedom before i'm gonna lock myself out of the world and it's distraction and focus on the junior world championships qualification and if things go well, the championship itself. No more idling around macritchie, no more sleeping late, no more doing whatever nonsense i do. 1 month of good work and i think things should go really well. My goals are set, now it's time for the action to back it up.
Be thou my vision O' Lord of my heart.

Friday, May 11, 2007

wad a week

Busy week ya?Just got back from the Canoeing video thing. Quite interesting. The places all so nice. Also finally got all the terms over and even got some marks back! 2nd in level for econs ok!!!! :] Chem got 70+ percent the rest just finished. Physics should be fine. But i think i'm gonna con camp for maths and lit already. Lack of practice = failure.

Had some great sessions on the water with lucas the past week. Getting that extra catch once in a while. Also less straining than the previous stroke. I've just gotta work to get the 'step' more often with more power in the water.

Finished CAS also. TOK got estimate grade B need some improvement. Also had some fun with frisbee again!!! Lost 5-2 this time. Too shack already.

Softball A div finals also took place. Watched most of the match before rushing down to mac for training. Lost 9-1 but i say we did all we could against a RJ side with so many national players and apparently the legendary pitcher was pitching. Can tell the standard difference is just to large. But we did well to score 1 and even came close to scoring more. The guys have been playing together since secondary school days and it's painful to see them losing. Sometimes we just ahve to lose lah. Anyway, nice job softballers.

Wad's up this weekend:

TOK touch up
Women's kayak champs
Econs IA 4
World lit essay
Physics practs
More sleep

what a week.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I feel like the biggest moron in the galaxy. No chance, pray for chance. Got chance,waste chance. Genius...

Even if God was beside me holding my hand i'll probably just sit there and stare at the nursery.

Friday, May 04, 2007

hmmm. Beauty

Beautiful sight. Lucky me gets to see this every evening!! It's a pity the world is too busy rushing around worrying to pay attention. Beauty is everywhere. It's whether we choose to see it or not.

Chem test didn't go so well. Praying so hard i won't end up in con-camp!!! They have drained enough time, effort and money from me and my family. Econs is getting real interesting too. Markets and the fragile fabric that hold it together is fascinating indeed. If i end up in LSE i'll end up with david........Either physics or Econs. Hard choice...but get results first then say.

Listening to alot of nice christian songs recently. When people feel they are loved, it's the time they create the nicest music. Hopefully i'll be blessed with such a feeling at some point in time. T.chiew is probably the only person i know who shares roughly the same idea about religion and God as I do. Quite weird ya? hahaha. Argh...just thought of one of his lame jokes....

Suddenly feel like playing with rubik's cube :]
No regrets,
Keep fighting,
Don't look back,
Everything will fall into place,
in it's own way,
at it's own time.