Friday, June 29, 2012

back to Singapore

Well, it's a weird time to be writing but I can't sleep after waking up abruptly at 2 am. I'm not sure if it's still jet lag or if I slept too much over the past few days? Maybe abit of both? I reached back on Sunday and I must say it's great to be home after a relatively long trip. Sean is a really great room mate and trainings been tough over the past few weeks. I won't say I had the best of trainings but at least I've found back some of the lost motivation that I desperately needed. Szolnok hotel was amazing, one of the nicest I've been in during training camps and it was a place I looked forward to returning to after a hard training. The atmosphere of the place is the real take away. So many people- all great paddlers doing what they love and it really rubbed onto me. Watching the good paddlers paddle also make me wanna try to improve my technique more. The difference is that I see the best technique everywhere everyday. apart from training, there wasn't really much to do and as I don't really drink much party is pretty much not entertaining for me. But it was good for my focus and I hope I can continue to better my paddling and paddle like these guys some day! :)

Sunday, June 03, 2012

cool days, colder wind

Yesterday was the first day on the Duna in vac. We started our programme with a drive up to Slovakia where we tried to locate a starting point. Somehow, all conditions were against us today with the skin biting 13 deg air temp , strong winds and rain. This was coupled with our car breaking down a kilometer from the starting point, a screwed up rudder and ships going up and down the Duna rather frequently. Despite them all, we managed to finish our 40km back to vac. What a way to start. The Duna is as I remember it to be.

Friday, June 01, 2012

the adventures of zeke

Hi! Just landed in Qatar and i will be here in the airport for 6 plus hours before my next flight to Hungary. Right now im trying to locate a money changer and buy some food. Maybe after that a short nap and back on the plane. All kinds of people here. Tons of Chinese and Russians for some reason Hope I don't miss my flight! :)