Saturday, June 29, 2013

to win

How do I even begin to describe this feeling? It's almost a desperation to win. To show that I am the best. That I have the most control over myself. That my will is the strongest..

Sunday, June 23, 2013

selection for sea games qualifier

Today I raced k1 500 with the intent of qualifying a spot for myself in the sea games. I had a good start and things were going quite well at the halfway mark till I got overly excited as I had the lead. I started my final push 50m too early and had a huge struggle to stay in front for the last 75m. In the end Lucas finished first and Mervyn second and myself .5 of a second back. There's a lot more racing needed for me to learn to control my pacing and hopefully I will be able to push into the top positions in the coming months. K4 1000 also went pretty well and we just need to fine tune some stuff before we fly off on Thursday to Indonesia.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

jet lag + insomnia

Just when I thought I had enough problems falling asleep, it gets compounded by even more issues. On a side note...why is the sky blue? I hope I'm not sinking into insanity..

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wisdom from friends

Today I had a little time on my hands and i started reading notes written by classmates from acs posted about acs on facebook. The reason for this is because frankly things aren't going really well in my life at the moment and I was looking for something to keep my mind occupied. Somehow I notice that when I'm in trouble, the people I turn to apart from family are my best friends from acs and some really close canoeing friends. Today though, I didn't look for the help, but the help found me.

I received help in the form of a note written by peck many months back. The last line he wrote, "when in doubt, flank". This was his motto and it really stuck with me. When there are problems, sometimes I keep charging at it head on. I and do it over and over and I get frustrated and weary. This line really made me rethink the way I view problems. The beauty is its subtly. It didn't mean avoid, or run away from the problem, but instead to approach from a different angle. One which would give a more favourable outcome.

Peck's been a really close friend to me for many years and we've grown up together. I hope I can continue to learn and approach life in such a manner, and maybe for once, I will be able to easily tide rough times... Thanks peck.. I hope that I can return the favor in due time.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Sometimes life doesn't go the way you will want it.... But just gotta keep doing my best and hopefully some day I will find the things that were meant for me.