Thursday, November 30, 2006

James Morrison - Wonderful World

meaningful song.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

SCF Profile

hahaha. I didn't expect scf to really go make our profiles for us...but they did and spelt my name wrong again! my picture sucks hahahaha nemind. Jori's link:


Next few days will be busy busy busy. More decorating, class outing, ast cycling nonsense, acs rod party for sec 4s(I NEVER ROD-ed. wth. only next year then can) + 2km timetrial coming which i don't feel so good about like the 5km one. I also really gotta start on my work or my mentor is gonna kill me.There goes the next few days of sleeping and slacking...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas is coming.

Christmas is like exactly 1 month from now! 'A's are over, PSLE long over, O's also over (Not that is matters anymore). Everyone is relaxing now. Almost everyone...poly and uni is different story. Orchard Rd is decorated quite nicely too + the rain just now, it actually felt like a cool winter of some other country. All that's missing now is some snow.

Past few days were quite tiring. Apart from the sheer amounts of training sessions, there was the christmas deco for Christalite Methodist Home. We had just enough deco for the corridors (the place we intended to deco from the start). Then the director came and suggested we do the stage. The stage was alot bigger than the corridor and the deco we bought weren't enough. So have to make tons of deco on the spot with coloured paper and stick them up. Paper on white walls don't exactly look very nice though. The stage also still looks quite empty even after that. I think if we did the corridor and the small cafe it would be alot nicer. But nevermind we tried quite hard. Also i somehow destroyed my sandals there. Now i have to wear half destroyed sandals till i get new ones when i have time.

The old folks there are really quite sad man. Wonder why anyone would leave their elders in a home. Should have interacted with them abit more, but the dialect problems make it hard. At least some of them looked happy to see us there.

Monday, November 20, 2006


CAS- Creativity, Action and service.

The equivalent of CIP. Have to clock up 150 hours by the time i finish my course. That's 50 h a piece. So far...i've 82h. That's about halfway. Now i'm doing christmas deco for 3 homes. One for old folks, one for handicap home, one for children's aid. Did some deco shopping at Aljunied awhile ago and i can safely say we have enough to cover deco to cover the 3 homes. Spent hours in the shop trying to find the cheap yet nice stuff to hang up or stick or something.

Hopefully we can share some joy with these people too.


Sunday, November 19, 2006


2km timetrial will be held soon. Over the past week i'm slowly improving. Trying to improve at my own rate so i won't stress myself out. Today managed to cut 2seconds off from previous week which is quite good. Weili is still siao as ever though, but nevermind any kind of improvement is good too not matter how small.

Will be starting 5th on the day itself, with 1 minute between each person. So there isnt much chance of wash riding which means i won't be so badly affected this time round. Hope i can keep up this pace for the next few weeks and shave off another few seconds.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

deal settled.

Murphy's law states that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Well yesterday was that perfect example. There's not gonna be a full white k1 in singapore then. Somehow the boat turned out half black which actually looks pretty good too.

Talked to clarence and joseph to settle this error and we've come to a relatively good compromise. At least the damage control was done pretty well. I was well informed what was happening and any plans the company had. So the problem was well, settled pretty fast.Thumbs up to clarence and joseph for their efforts in this. Let's leave this episode behind now.

Now i've got to find a place to keep it. The ac shed is slightly congested at the moment so i'll have to leave it in the scf shed though that's not what i'm planning to do in the long run. I'll post some pics some day soon when i remember to bring the camera down.

Friday, November 17, 2006


what a kiwi. We must learn to live our dreams at all cost.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

boats coming!!!

Thanks for informing me about the typo :) paisehpaisehpaiseh...thats the problem with a spelling check. It doesnt check whether the word is the right one or not + when you type on impluse you don't actually check. hahahaha.

But now that i think of it..wandering and wondering...both can apply in some way. That's lit. As long as can argue theres a possibility.

Boat is stuck in the PORT! tmd... almost 11 hours to its eta at mac.

"Le Grande Opening"
will bring my cam :)

Also i have finally realised what's wrong with my stupid stroking finally. Now i'm just gonna reconstruct it for the billionth time...
But strokes always "evolve" as we humans do. Can't be helped. Also starting to see familiar faces coming back which is a nice thing. Those still in the middle of exams...1 more week++ the end is coming! This is when u do your very best! Com'on.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Lit (adventures part II)

Wandering The Lonely City

I filter through the street, alone.
the place lifeless, and only the shadows keep me company.
dim orange lights shower down on me, bathing me in colour, engulfing me.
there's nothing, no one.

Stony cold buildings, cold as the night breeze.
a kitten curled on a step.
Where am I? Lost?
Look!,there's a van in front, empty though.
Its metallic grey shimmering in the darkness.
It's mocking me...

2 streets...3...4...
the silence is deafening, eerie.
Yet, comforting, tranquil.

The silence is broken. A crack of thunder...
Damn...where's my umbrella...
Rain smashing on the ground.
Drenched, cold, miserable.
But I love the rain don't I?

A mall! Heaven sent!
Sheltered. I'm Expecting, imagining, picturing
some warmth at last.
Glass doors slide open.

It's dark. Cold. Empty.
It's night after all...

- Zeke

Sunday, November 12, 2006

finals of regata

Finished 3rd for the 20men (open) and 1st for the mix (open). Nice job people.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

regata day 1

First day of competition. Mixed boat and men's open heats. Both in lane 1 with boat wash coming over and over. Can't be helped though. Qualified for semis tmr and hopefully we get good lanes that can work to our advantage. Competition is quite stiff too. I guess the shorter distance is the difference in this case. I mean... how far infront can u be after 300m? Most can last 200++ m also so the boats are coming in quite close to one another.

Rained a long time today. I like it, though i got soaked on the way home. My umbrella is leaky too, found that out the hard way.

Will it rain tmr? who knows...

Friday, November 10, 2006

River Regata

River regata will be held at Singapore river tmr. My second time taking part in this the previous coming in fifth with my strong ac team that really fought hard just to get to the finals and eventually finishing 5th in the 24crew open losing just by that little bit to other teams. That was in 2002.

Tmr will be a totally different experience, hopefully things will move smoothly.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Music for the soul

Okay...seems like most are on the optimist side. But i think pessimism has its good points sometimes. Anyway now that i'm relatively free i have set my will to learn some new songs.

I found this jap album called "Ancient City I- piano collections". It comes under this big thing called pacific moon. Music is kinda new age type and the album is supposed to be composed by various new composers from japan. There's some nice songs though repetitive in some parts. Got a few songs in mind to try. Wonder how it will sound on the real piano(midi kinda crap).

To work!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thought Of The Day

An optimist is always disappointed while a pessimist is always pleasantly surprised.

what are you?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Chaser's War On Everything - Prolix Songwriter

I've never understand how you can sing and play piano. AND this guy comes and sings %$#@!. 神...

2 000 000cm (20km)

Today is the first time and hopefully the last time i row 2 000 000 cm more commonly known as 20km. Didnt do very fast but i cant feel anything after training ended. Totally and utterly numb.

Now i've earned my LONG nap.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chinese Dip Exam

Had chinese IB exam today. Hopefully its the first and the last time i take it. if i get a 6pts im definitely gonna retake it. But hoping really hard that that elusive 7pts will appear on my result slip in january then can drop it and concentrate on my other subjects.

A lvls also started already. So if it ain't too late, good luck all and hope to hear of the many many A's etc etc.

As for me i'm totally free till January now. Apart from the ocassional research and thought for EE and TOK i can relax and rest.