Saturday, February 16, 2008

hungry...for proper food.

Ah. I really wanted to go paddle today but couldn't get up because we just got out of field camp last night and i somehow survived on 2hrs of sleep for the last 2 days.

It's been a crazy few days...on the 3rd day of CNY I developed high fever for 3 days. Peaked at 39.7 for about 1 day and i didn't eat a proper meal for those 3 days. As a result I missed the class gathering at Gc's place, and spent my CNY icepacking myself to make sure i don't burn up even higher. Missed day 1 of field camp and only returned back to find out that they won't let me participate in everything till the 2nd last day when status ends. I was feeling better by monday though...

First 2 nights were ok. Didn't sleep very well but managed at least 5+ hrs. Next 2 were filled with arti drills, rifle stunning, wild boar, filling up the grave we made and cold temperatures. On the last night only managed 2 hrs of sleep because of some night watch thing which lasted quite long.

Well i'm glad it's over. Rations suck very badly.


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