Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Treasure hunting.

It's the 11th already...the days are passing so fast still! Less than 1 month to resort stay at tekong running around like a monkey and marching in circles in a forest. I'm not looking forward to that at all. First things first, need to buy black frame specs and collect the top secret stuff i ordered today.

Today was run and fall down day. But before that I must say training was quite fun, I managed to win 1 of 12 250m sprints against lucas and daniel though i can't feel my hands after that :) After all that was a slow run on wet ground. We eventually decided to run to the zig-zag bridge and then onto the Dam and repeat the cycle. Just before getting on the bridge hinyang was talking about the incident where small sam was running on the bridge and fell down near the end beside a group of RGS girls and was helped by one.

"Mei ren jiu ying xiong" also known as beauty saves loser hero-(I can't put in chinese words, not that my chinese damn suck)

So we laughed at him and the crazy people start sprinting on the wet bridge. Mr hinyang slipped and fell twice in a matter of 10 seconds. It's retribution man...talking behind people's backs!(literally). Laugh until cannot run. We continued to the Dam and i was running way behind the crazy people with the "fallen" hinyang and "tumtum" joseph. To avoid accidents we took a detour ( I lazy lah) and only return to find out joshua fell and cut himself. Called off the run at 15mins to prevent more damage. Went back and the guys helped him put on iodine which made him scream quite loudly and frequently at high pitch. Painful yet somehow we can't stop laughing also. Sorry man hope it heals fast!

Yofats came to paddle also. Just took a boat and kept him company. Tried explaining all the fun parts of canoeing like capping and drills and riding and playing dirty all the tactics to make sure u win. Somehow he didn't find capping very appealing but seriously capping is the most fun part of canoeing. Talked nonsense till his 1 hour rental finished.

Apart from that... i feel like i've been given a slap in the face by certain people. I can't be bothered with them anymore. I don't believe i have ever let them down even once within these 2 years. Nevermind...today was interesting.


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