Sunday, December 23, 2007

Feliz Navidad (almost)

I just want to say big THANK YOUs for the Christmas cards and Merry Christmas in advance :)

Coach flew off on Wednesday though he's still providing us with training programme for the next few months till a new coach comes(if ever). Quite an emotional moment at the airport when coach decided to wait till the last minute to go in. Some cried, some shed tears and others just watched silently. What's the difference between cry and shed tears? My dad used to say, "men don't cry, they only shed tears to show how much someone means to them" or something along those lines. We'll miss him alot.

Time really flies. I remember the first day he came to watch us, sam and I were doing some crazy programme and if memory is to be trusted it was something like 15 x 500m sprints in boaz k2 to prep for coming timetrial( + 5 x 500m in the morning). Now 1.5 years on, sam's in the army and i'm going to the army. Things are changing so fast indeed.

As seen in the photo, we made coach a scrapbook. Hinyang tried translating everything into greek but it wasn't too successful. Coach became "coach- bus" and coach and his brother were trying to find out what "skinny jacket" meant. They kept reading it and laughing. But they got the message, basically it's thank you coach.

Somehow the Tshirts which was the top secret project wasn't so top secret after all. Someone talked too much and the senior women found out(not my fault arh!). But the job's finally done and I can rest.

My mum also bought me some stickers from malaysia to paste on my boat. Now there will be no more lookalikes hahahaha. Next year i'll let Lucas use it and i hope he flies real fast. But it's more to relieve the boat shortage of the school now that more of the secondary school paddlers are moving up to the IB side. My year only have feng, choo(for awhile) and me. Next year's team will be much larger and with the double event rule i think we have a better shot at championships.

Having alot of weird dreams. Dreams of still being in examinations, dreams of rubbish results. The pressure of doing well is still somewhere at the back of my mind i guess. I just pray and trust everything will work out eventually though its been a really bumpy year in many many aspects. Ah...nevermind, it's christmas soon, should stop worrying and just enjoy the moment for it will never come again.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart.


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