Friday, January 25, 2008

Tough times don't last, tough men do.

Hi! I'm finally back after 2 week. Many more months to go. Since i'm not sure what i can talk about and what i can't, i won't go into much detail. Anyway, there's the highs and the lows... And samuel and his ninja coy tag actually came true. Apart from that...its quite weird that the bed i'm using there is the bed that greg used 2 years ago...exactly the same.

Met some new friends and we're getting along well. got some canoeing people there also...shaun and marcus from hc, kaiyang from rj and victor from nj. Singapore very yeah...quite expected to see people i know. Some of them never tell them anything also they know i go canoeing...must be the tanktop tan :/

haha...anyway i think i'll go paddle tmr lah...over there whole day stare out the window looking at changi airport and the passing planes over the sea...makes me miss paddling. then maybe sunday go watch the marathon and yah...if u see me with no hair...dun laugh lah... its not that bad...


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