Wednesday, May 31, 2006

dreamt again.

today was slack for me. im still kinda suffering from the flu bug and i dun want to overstrain before the new coach comes with his programme.

felt pretty tired. and sick at the same time. took a pretty long nap and im still feeling sick. i hate flu. :(

dreamt about something just now.i've come to realise the nat team has become my extended family of some sort where im currently the youngest or second youngest if u count james...

the junior men have really taken good care of me the past 6-7 months now. and to the seniors, though i dun exactly talk people do make the place feel more homely too.

i had this dream, where all of you people just suddenly told me your are leaving. everyone. leaving for some place i couldn't go. leaving for good.

though it was a dream. i was really sad& stunned. how do i describe this...
the only way i can put it is like those shows where the village kid gets left behind. the main thing is that i wasnt going and everyone was. and i wont see them again ever.

sounds dam kiddy...

it felt like my family just left for some reason. shows how close i am to you guys after this short 6-7 months.
In a month's time...i probably wont be seeing most of your anymore...A levels...what to do...
wonder if i will keep rowing. you guys are the ones that make me want to move faster. I dun want to fight on my own all the time.......


i repeat.... sounds dam kiddy....


we should take a photo one of these days for memory sake.

i want to be able to say i've been there.


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