Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hard day

Today was interesting...
Somehow i ended up training with hci. Their training programme actually very xiong. Tried green max too. It's a great boat. But i can feel significantly less glide in it compared to the ak. It's more responsive too but got used to it after awhile.

Learning aerosmith songs for piano too. Spent a while getting through 50% of "I don't wanna miss a thing" before i kinda got sleepy.

Lijiang (final)
Day 4 25/4
terrible night. got up cleaned up an date tissue box size buns x2 then we went on to learning activities. Khing went ahead with his intro and i somehow ended up helping him. Seemed fun to be in the front of the class We did intro and mapping games. I drew some weird merlion on the board to give the kids some idea what it looked like and we just came up with things along the way.Did this for a few classes.

Then the interaction witht the kids. first i was with kevin. Talking to them was difficult but i managed to learn something about them. their life,hobbies. No that effective as they were shy using english to converse but its alright.

Next was paired with yeon wei. he gave them english names to choose and that was interesting. he's good with kids. better than me...

Also visited the river where they fish and swim. skipped stoned awhile and returned for the soccer match with their teachers.

Good game by our people. paul,seah,lui,kevin,mandir & co. Tough match with many great chances. We fatigued alot faster due to the thin air.

we won 5-4 (they give chance)

Then it was dinner and their youth day concert. Brendan did something to "something" I MISSED IT!!!
was at the toilet while it happened...sad...
Watched khing perform his waterdance too.


Their performances were pretty ok. They needa new Pa system.

sleep better that night.

Day 5 26/4
Last day in school. washed up, ate one bun instead of two and packed my stuff. Said goodbye to the kids and gave them some gifts. The sent us off grandly. Lining up at the gate. tears.sad faces. its sad to leave...

went to tiger leaping gorge after that. nice place to do a 4.8 run instead of at macritchie where it does get boring. took funny signs and pictures too.
then went to the hotel after lunch.

Also went for dinner where david nose bleed again!!! funny incident happened then. When we asked for ice for his nose they gave a huge plastic bag of it. super funny.walked back to the hotel and had cip debrief where we reflected. turned in for the night.

Day6 27/4
Snow mountain day. nice place, cold. Rode the cablecar up with funny signs again... and played witht the snow. got hit in the face by T.Chiews snowball. cut my lip but i cant feel it anyway. so i'm alright:)

took pics ate and went to the meadow. David nose bleed AGAIN!!! didn't do much as i sat down with him. Khing and kevin had another sh!t adventure.funny. cable car ride down was cold and it was drizzling but beautiful to watch the scenery.

they bought us oxygen....for 30yuan....haha....its not that helpful.

also past a blue lake. so nice...i wanna row in it...

Went to the airport and flew to kunming for and met up with the kunming group again.

Day7 28/4

visited the flower market today where i got stuff for my mum an daunts. then visited the tea uni where i drank lotsa tea and bought tea for my dad.
Mass shopping after that at dong shi jie. It was rainy and cold. poor mandir...

So difficult to get a taxi to shuang long shi chang. people just rush into it be4 u can get there. but we somehow managed. bought shirts, cds there for people.

also had kfc. much cheaper and healthier. then went to a five star hotel to eat dinner. i tried alot of stuff. every single cake available. beef, pudding...mmhmmm...

flew back to singapore that night.

day8 29/4
reached at 2-3 am. said goodbye and slept.
woke at 5pm and thought it was 5 am... haha... watch hou yuan jia i bought and slacked away...

great trip



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