Sunday, June 03, 2018

A fresh start

Had 2 weeks of just sitting around and recovering from the selections.

Finally I'm starting to feel like i should get up and about and do something productive again. Applied for 2 jobs. One is as an economic writer for a consultation company and the second is as an analyst for a financial tech company that specialises in digital wallets.

I've had interest in these two kind of jobs for awhile now and i think its time i get to applying for them. Seems like there are alot of others who also want the job but that's life, you have to fight for what you want.

Also got back into training, the daily routines of 2 times daily sessions. Slowly i'm getting the feelings back and will being to push harder and harder to get the improvements i want for my paddling.

Other than this, im also considering finishing up my coaching certifications and also to maybe start coaching some younger kids. But we'll see where that goes. I dont want to overload too much on things to do and just enjoy the time i have now.

Also, im getting much much better at technical analysis. Maybe if i am consistent enough, one day i will never need to work again!

Anyway, here's a video from training camp in szeged. My technique is so much nicer now.


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