Saturday, April 14, 2018

Late night thoughts

Just finished watching egao no hosoku. The story strikes me as something I've been feeling in the past year. Many of the challenges faced by yumi the female lead played by Yuko Takeuchi seemed to have been things I've been feeling. 

One of these would be the uncertainty of part time work. Nearing the end of the series, the question of 'what's next?' Kept popping up. That was something I kept asking myself as well as something that my colleagues kept asking me about. And like her, I didn't really have a good answer for it. 
Another thing I related to was about how she kept trying to find something to do that was meaningful even if it didn't pay well. I was looking for work that also kind of put me in the same circumstances and it almost felt like déjà vu.

The male lead also struggled with motivation as a comic artist and it was also similar to how I felt about kayaking for a period in 2017 after a series of unsuccessful years. He gradually managed to find renewed vigor in his work and did eventually put out his best comics with the help of yumi. 

I really enjoyed the series and it reminded me of how important it is to keep doing my best and having a positive Attitude in the things I do. I feel somewhat reinvigorated watching this and I hope I can continue to give my best in what I love and do- be it kayaking of work. Finally, I really liked the message of loving how the present situation is, almost longing for it to remain the same forever- yet in order for us to continue to grow and improve, we mustn't be afraid of change. 

The next few months will be another crossroad for me. Regardless of the result, I will have to continue to change as I have from the year before. I am afraid that I will stagnant or even worse go back to bad habits and routines. 

It was a good show, with many important lessons. Somehow it found me, and I will try to learn from this.

Till then



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