Sunday, September 24, 2017

ACC Selection

Today i went for the final selection for Asian Championships.
I missed being selected by 1 second. I had the 2nd place at the last 50m but was overtaken by mervyn and aiman at the end. Maybe my mistake was to start the finish to early. Maybe i should have chased the 2nd 250m abit more. its hard to say which is better.

Feeling abit down again. I hope it will pass and i can get on with building on this.

I will have to write down what i need to do and focus on it tremendously to make the big jump. At least this season i still have a new personal best of 3.48 on the k1 1000m and 21.45 on the 5km. That's still something to be happy about.

Back to the drawing board i guess.

head up zeke.


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