Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Thinking about what interests me


I was just reading about people who had started up their own businesses and are now really successful. It reminded me that I should also keep exploring new things and maybe I might one day also be an entrepreneur and have a solid business going that can help me achieve the life I want to lead.

Working for the past year opened my eyes on what the typical office life is. You mingle with your colleagues, maybe you will get a real nice bunch you enjoy working with. You deal with upper and middle management and you try your best to get the work done in a timely manner of the highest quality? This goes on from Monday to Friday and after you get the weekend to recharge and look forward to the next holiday or paycheck. For me this might be also with two times a day training sessions of 2-3 hours each for my competitive kayaking. And it repeats.

What I want would be to have a decent living, to be healthy and to be in control of my time. How can that be? It seems impossible but there must be ways to do this. I will have to think about things.

Coaching is one thing I would like to do someday and I think it will allow me the freedom of choice with my time. I however would also like to try other things.

Technology interests me and also environmental issues. 
I.e. How can we make our lives better with tech? How can we reduce pollution in a sustainable way?

Maybe I will be able to think of an interesting solution and that will be my entrepreneurial idea. 

Till then I will keep on brainstorming.


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