Sunday, December 03, 2017

Working and planning for 2018


Since the last time I was here, I managed to extend my nparks part time contract for 2 more months till February. After that I will be leaving to US for a month of training with the team before I return for the national championships for some racing experience. 

It's funny how my thoughts have changed since April. Back then, I thought a part time job would suffice and that I would be able to get by on anything more than 1200$/month. But since then, I've started to look at my finances abit more carefully and I realized it's gonna take much more than that to really be surviving.

Now my estimate would be about 2000$/month and maybe I will have some savings? Money is a funny thing, it really just makes me feel like I would want more and more.. And more. 
Where does it stop? If I had 3000$/month, would I feel like this still? If it's 7000$...10000$?
I really don't know.

All I know is I would like to be reasonably compensated for the work I do. If it's fair, I think I would have no complaints.

On the paddling side, I'm trying to keep motivated and excited about trainings. Trying to keep enjoying the process. Hope things continue to improve in the next few months.

Also, I'm starting to try to e poorer my other interests. I am enjoying the researching I'm doing on history that is related to my work at Nparks. I like initiating modern cool art for the exhibitions and I like it when the public also enjoy it as much as I do. I'm also spending some time to reading up on fin tech in an attempt to make use of my economic skills ? I feel it's a waste having them but never using them.  With the latest fever running around Bitcoin, I'm wondering if it is a good idea to try some investing. Or maybe just another bubble that's gonna burst.

I guess we will have to wait for the next post to find out.

Till then,


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