Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Back from Florida and solo preparation for a month


I reached back to singapore from Florida last week. The traveling was an experience. The total travel time was 40-ish hours with a night spent sleeping on a couch in Atlanta international airport. I initially planned to get a hotel in Atlanta for the night however the reviews for the cheap motels weren't good and it was troublesome to leave the airport at 12 midnight to look for a place. 

I also considered the club@ATL which was available in the mornings to at least get a shower to freshen up but then again the airport was completely empty in the early morning so I basically had all facilities to myself. 

The airport got pretty cold in the night and I found myself having to coverup with the extras clothes from my hand carry. I also laned late at night and because I was hungry, started to explore the terminals for food. Everything however was closed and I eventually gave up searching and returned to the international terminal to sleep. There was a family that was also doing the same on the couches across me and it gave me a sense of security at the spot I chose. 

There were maintenance works going on for the first part of the night which irritated some others resting in the area but I was so tired I could sleep through it. In the morning I ate at the food canteen on the second floor before my flight to Narita airport. 

I wished the transit times were in Narita and not Atlanta as it would have given me time to explore the Japanese airport abit more and buy some goodies. 

Also my luggage decided to travel to rio instead of coming home with me. But it's back now so things are sorted out.

Training in Florida was good, I wish I could have stayed longer. But I do feel it might be better for me to come back still. Looking at the program, I think I would be so exhausted. t least here I can do the higher intensities properly and stick to my zones and feelings. The on,y problem here is that I'm too alone I guess. The past 1.5 weeks there was still some to train with but after Saturday I think it will be just me again. I will have to adapt and find a way to have good speed on the 1000m before I go back to Hungary in 2 weeks. 

Hopefully things will go according to plan. For now I keep fighting and keep at it with a positive attitude.

See ya 


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