Sunday, January 21, 2018

2018- a fresh start


2017 came and gone pretty fast. I guess it was a year that forced me out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for that. All in all, looking back it wasn't too bad a year. In paddling I didn't managed to race internationally but I better my personal best times in quite a few distances. I started working and meeting people again which was what I wanted. Also had the chance to spend time more quality time with the family. Ma didn't have lung cancer as originally diagnosed which was the biggest relief. I guess things somehow work itself out. 

For 2018, I hope to keep pushing my limits and to keep going out of my comfort zone. Let's hope I don't fall back into old habits. 

Started the yea with 2 weeks reservist. Being back made me realize how good it is to be free- to choose where you want to go or do. Nothing has changed at all inside a camp. It feels the same as 10 years ago. I settled in pretty fast and I think I'm more sure of my role there this year.i would say it was not too bad apart from the lack of sleep and being unable to shower for long periods of time. 

But now I've started regular work again and I'm down to my last month with nparks. I hope to make the most of my time there and maybe I'll be back in the future. I'm not too sure yet and it will depend on the contract. Last year thought me that I will need a minimum of 2500$ monthly to be able to get by and save alittle. Being part time kinda isn't enough to really get by.

Training has been tiring as usual. I'm trying to focus on the technique and to work at the right intensities but not overdo it. I will try my best to improve in all areas of training and I just wished that I had abit more sleep sometimes. 

Also met up with the ib cohort at our 10 year gathering. It was great to see everyone again. Everyone seems so different, yet the same. Our paths has gone down such different routes over the years. Just glad to be able to catch up with old friends once again. Being back in acs really made me miss the great times in school from 2002-2007. I truly enjoyed my time there. 

Hopefully all goes well this year 
All the best for 2018.


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