Sunday, July 22, 2018

Weddings, Trading, Kayaking


Been a busy month. Been watching live trading every night to see how the seasoned pros do it in real time. I made $55 on ON but lost $253 on TWTR so currently im down $200. Haven't been trading btc as much as i have been trying to learn the stock market abit more and it took alot of my attention.

I am also looking for a better broker as the commissions for local brokers is eating away my profits and even though i made good calls on NFLX and ARNC, i could not exit with profit even after a 5-7% move to the upside.

Trading is really hard, the emotions of my first lost was quite a hit i admit and it took me a day to get over it. But i will keep trying to succeed and hopefully one day i can say that i have cracked it! Still, i am abit worried some nights when i lie down in bed and think about it. If i cant succeed, i will have to find a job and work off the losses. But i think i will keep trying at least till december and hopefully i can be profitable by then.

Been to Dang's wedding and MX's wedding the past 2 weeks. it was good to see them happily with their partners. How time flies. It doesnt seem too long ago that one was my secondary 1 classmate with a math score of 103/100 and the other my teammate in the k4 1000m training for my first SEA Games where we got our first medals and validation as athletes. Now they are both moving to the next stage in life. Yet, i feel like i am exactly the same person i was from 2002, 2011.

I think i dont change much. I still like the same things, I still have the same routines. I am still in the kayak everyday. I feel different from everyone else. How do they change so much? how do they move to new things so easily. I am not sure how its possible and i cant wrap my mind around it.

Maybe i just am not good with change. And i resist it alittle.

I should try to make the first steps again more often. There will be good things infront of me too.


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