Sunday, April 13, 2008

zq and The Interview.

1900 friday

zq: why my phone got so many missed calls?
poh:call back and check?
zq:calling now.
smu: this is smu office. your interview tomorrow at 3pm can?
zq: what the...
zq: die lah.

Well at least i made it through. Have i kept up with current issues? I haven't seen a newspaper on weekdays since january...

Paddled as usual. Tried 2x 500m timing with daniel and managed a 201 and 202. Not bad for 2 times a week training i must say :P 1 more second weiling faster than me already.hahaha. See how, if jori and I can meet a certain time by late june we'll try take part in ncc.

Time to do my peer appraisals.
see you next week.
I feel as if i'm wasted
And i'm wasting everyday.


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