Sunday, March 02, 2008

9 more days to POP

Down the last stretch now, 9 more days to passing out parade which is probably my only parade in army. Lots of drills coming up and games day to train for + one more bcct to attend in the mud and camo before I can leave that island. I'll get my mum to come because its the only parade I have anyhow. I polished my parade boots until its super shiny already...must act zai abit what...


Also saw andrea and bill's pictures in some ninja photo album in the annex room. Some recruit ninja kel put it from ninja'04. Bill is freaking boyboy-like in that photo!

Anyway, just got out of camp this morning and booking in back later at only about 8hrs out this week. Quite sian lah... the whole section kenna confined because my buddy anyhow shoot blanks, but nevermind lah buddy...
Missed the Nat team timetrial, founder's day and that talk with zason i wanted to have. Ryan talked with him already and the federation is still reluctant to do anything whatsoever to at least try to help. It's frustrating.

Heck them, if there's a will there's a way.


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