Sunday, March 23, 2008

That familiar feeling...of leaving home.

Back to training school tomorrow. I'm having the usual sinking feeling just before booking in. To tell you the truth...the only thing I've truely learnt from the army is how important my home is. The privilege of taking my sweet time to do things, showering in peace without other people walking around...having my own bed to sleep on and eating whenever and whatever i want. Tomorrow I'll will be moving to mowbray camp, which is far from home but at least it's still on the mainland.

Just to clarify, I'm mp...military police, not police force or am i going to police ocs. At most coporal 1st class? It's my choice and i've thought it through long and hard...and explaining it will take forever.

The boots have been kiwi-ed, the field pack is full and the duffel bag is heavy.
I'm ready. Throw whatever you have at me.


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